Looking to Break-in: Cincinnati

Everyone, I would like to introduce myself as a greenhorn who is looking to break-in to this field in the Cincinnati area. My qualifications are thus:

  • 0 experience as a home inspector.
  • Former contractor for DirecTv
  • Self-motivated and very driven
  • Astute learner and mental sponge
  • Ex-Amish brother-in-law

Now if that doesn’t qualify me to start learning, then nothing does! All jokes aside, though the bullet-points are accurate, I am dead serious as to becoming a home inspector, not only in the great state of Ohio but also Indiana and Kentucky.

I have spent 10’s of hours browsing the internet for the best forum(s), educational tools and certifications and have landed here. I am happy to begin my journey into this field. I will be taking the InterNACHI online educational tools to begin and hope to share my struggles and successes here.

If you could give any advice to someone as fresh as I, what would it be? What would you do differently now than you did when you first started? Thank you for allowing me to post!

Welcome Patrick,

Feel free to contact me anytime for advice, I live in Monroe and service both Cincinnati & Dayton markets.

FYI - Indiana and Kentucky are both licensed states. For me it’s not worth the time or money to pursue either of them.

Read my book. It is free at InterNACHI’s homepage at www.nachi.org


Join us at the SW Ohio InterNACHI meeting in Fairfield. Come early. We are having an hour and a half Meet and Greet before the meeting starts.

InspectorOutlet.com will have a display of tools for inspectors that cannot be found in typical big box stores. InspectorOutlet.com has a huge selection of tools at the best prices in the industry. This would be a perfect opportunity for you to see the tools you will be using in your new occupation.

We will be doing a report writing seminar from 6:00-10:00 pm. The seminar and meeting will count for a total of five continuing education hours. The entire evening is free and open to everyone.


Thanks for the welcome, gentlemen!

George, I have sent in the registration request to attend. I hope I am not too late. Thank you for the invitation!

Hi Patrick,

We got your registration. I am looking forward to meeting you.