Circuit Analyzer

I am looking for a new circuit analyzer. I would like something comparable to the Ideal 61-165 which does both GFCI and AFCI tests, and also identifies false/bootleg grounds. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

There is nothing wrong with the Ideal sureTest product you mentioned. But if you want to look at others try the Extech CT80 or the Amprobe INSP-3.

I like the Ideal model but cannot find it except for used on ebay. Is this a discontinued model?

I believe they were dropping it from the product line. I am not sure if they replaced it yet, they did have another model almost the same (less afci). Will call a friend south of me who likely knows and see if I can find out.

Is the AFCI function critical as a home inspector?

It depends. I like to have it, but am a electrician as a background. Having said that, not a high percentage of homes I inspect have anything to use it on. (but that will change as newer homes all have some - I still do a large majority of older homes)

But, if a home has an AFCI breaker or receptacle it is nice to be able to test it properly. I suspect there are many inspectors who do not have any AFCI testing ability, but if you are going to buy one I would get it if I could.

Agreed, Thanks for your help.

That is a great tester as well… but does not have AFCI if I am not mistaken.

I think you’re right. SOP only requires you to test AFCIs using the test button.

True. As with GFCI tests. Original post did specify it so was why I pointed to the CT80. The OP statement was “which does both GFCI and AFCI tests”.

Having said that… the test button on receptacle or breaker is all one needs to use.

I see now, he wants both. You’re right.

Customers like to see fancy tools doing tests they don’t understand. Makes them feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. All the electricians I know say press the button too because that’s the only test approved by the manufacturers.

Excellent post, 100% true.

That’s another reason (on top of SOP) why I don’t think you need a circuit analyzer that checks AFCI (just use the test button). I think is fine for home inspectors.

Same requirements for testing a GFCI, push the test button.

good post, thanks for sharing