Fox AFCI tester

Does anyone use the FOX AFCI Tester?

What do you recommend that wont break the bank?

Your finger on the test button lol

The manufacturer’s test button is the only test recommended by the manufacturer. That makes your finger the most reliable and least expensive test tool.

So what is the purpose of getting the tester then? Sorry to sound so dumb to the whole thing.

Please explain.

There is no reason for a home inspector to purchase an AFCI tester. Did someone tell you that you needed and AFCI tester?

There are reasons why you might want a circuit analyzer, but you don’t need an AFCI tester.

Not an AFCI… but why do you need one. If you do feel you need one, then spend more and get something that performs more analysis, as the AFCI tester is a waste of money IMHO if that is all you are getting it for.

I wonder how many on this board will push the test button on an AFCI breaker but not run up to the 2nd floor to check if the power is indeed out?

Good post Stephen.

I do if it trips i go and confirm it

I do, and now I check the kitchen and laundry rooms outlets too. But then I don’t do three or five houses a day either.