I am going to inspect a 4 unit apartment building that the client states there is a 2 inch pipe from a cistern in the parking lot area. What to know, what to look for, and any issues with the cistern? The area is rural but the building has always been on city water and sewer as far as I have been told.

Thanks in advance

A cistern is just a tank to hold water. I would check to make sure it’s secure. If it’s in the ground could anyone fall in? could kids get into it? If it’s near a parking lot is it in a area where it would collapse if someone drove over it? What is it used for? Drinking water could be contaminated from parking lot run off. If it’s used to water the grass does it have a pump? Check any elec. for GFI. Where does it get its water from? Gutters, storm drains? do they need covers to keep large debris out?
If it is used in any way that someone might drink from it I would recommend a plumber evaluate it.

That’s all I can think of for now.
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If anyone is using a Cistern today, it should be outfitted with filters or other water purification methods if the water is meant for consumption. Some people leave their cisterns open to catch rainwater or to have more elaborate rain-catching systems but it is recommended (in these particular cases) to have a system that does not leave the water open to mosquitoes or algae, which are attracted to the water and then carry disease to nearby humans.

I would pass this Cistern inspection off to someone more qualified. I (myself) wouldn’t even get involved in inspecting something that I’m not familiar with.

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