Well identifacation

I need some help in properly identifying this “well”. Is this a well? cistern? or something else. Covered concrete pool about 4’ by 6’. I was about 50’ from the house. This is the water supply to the house. Pumped through plastic pipe to house. Pump is in the basement. And yes, those are dead animals floating around in it.

Thanks, Jeff, that’s what I was leaning toward. I have seen these in basements of older homes but first time I found one outside of one.

Enclosed spring, sand bottom?

I need some help modernising the farm house water system. I just have a pipe coming from the well going into the basement. Do I need to change this pipe as well. it’s rusty and I don’t think I should keep it. But then I need to dig up the ground and go into the well don’t I. Should I start over or maybe just get city water. I’m not sure what to do. Is city water the best way. Another question is we already pay for sewer but is it separate for water ? Don’t they usually come together? I know I’ll have to contact the county for that.

Some communities will not permit you to maintain a well when you hook up to city water and some will with restrictions like for irrigation only.

Some also require old wellheads be filled and capped.

It’s best to check with local authorities.

Sewer charges are based on water usage in my area.