Citizens Insurance 4pts @ 30 Years.

Prepare to be busier inspectors. See the attached.

Here is the optional 4pt form they talk about in the memo.

Personal Residential
Rules, Forms and System Changes
ATB #015-12 – August 02, 2012

Citizens is implementing the following underwriting changes for personal residential risks with effective dates on or after:

September 1, 2012 – new business
October 1, 2012 – renewals

Underwriting Changes

Four-point inspections required for homes more than 30 years old (PR-M)
Applications for mobile homes more than 30 years old must be submitted unbound
New plumbing rules (PR-M)
Revised electrical rules (PR-M)
Permitted Incidental Occupancies (PIO) coverage no longer is available (PR-M and PR-W)

Four-Point Inspections

To ensure that the condition of the property is acceptable and all major systems (electrical, heating, plumbing and roofing) are in satisfactory condition, a four-point inspection must be submitted with all PR-M applications for homes more than 30 years old. We currently require these inspections on homes more than 50 years old. For new business with effective dates on or after September 1, 2012, this requirement has been expanded to all homes more than 30 years old. The inspection must have been completed within the last 12 months prior to the submission date by a verifiable, certified inspector (Florida-licensed). This rule does not apply to tenant named insured policies or condominium risks.

If an inspection reveals unacceptable conditions, the property is not eligible for coverage. For a list of unacceptable conditions, refer to Uninsurable Properties in the Rules of Practice manual.

Note: Eligibility rules for roofs more than 25 years old still apply. See Agent Technical Bulletin #005-10: Personal Residential Rules and ePAS Changes for more information.

For mobile homes (does not apply to tenant named insured policies):

Applications for mobile homes more than 30 years old must be submitted unbound and require an acceptable four-point inspection.
Applications for mobile homes more than 50 years old must be submitted unbound and require documentation verifying that the electrical, heating, plumbing and roofing systems have been updated within the last 35 years.

Existing policies will not require a four-point inspection to retain coverage unless required by an underwriter.

Note: Citizens has created an optional, 4-Point Inspection – Personal Lines form, which includes instructions outlining the level of detail required for a complete four-point inspection, conducted by certified inspectors (Florida-licensed). This specific form is not required, but we strongly encourage its use to ensure that all necessary information is provided. The form lists the minimum information needed to verify the types, ages and conditions of a home’s four major systems for determining eligibility with Citizens. A photo requirement is outlined at the top of the form. Also required are specific details and descriptions of all updates, hazards noted, etc. If this form is not used, an inspection company’s form is acceptable as long as it contains the same information.

New Plumbing Rules

Properties with the following plumbing-related conditions no longer are eligible for coverage with Citizens:

Signs of active leaks or unrepaired water damage identified during a visual inspection
Plumbing systems not in good working order
Properties with polybutylene plumbing

New Electrical Rules

Requirements for remediation of aluminum branch circuit wiring have been added.
New risks with electrical service of fewer than 100 amps are not eligible for coverage.

· Mobile home exception: If electrical service is fewer than 100 amps, an exception may be granted if documentation is submitted showing that the amp capacity is sufficient for the property. The documentation must have been completed by a Florida-licensed electrician, journeyman electrician or building code inspector within the last five years.

Permitted Incidental Occupancies Coverage Removed

Permitted Incidental Occupancies (PIO) coverage no longer is available on any Citizens policy. This change affects policies with this optional coverage for property and liability associated with a home business. Properties with incidental business exposures still may have a minimal amount of Coverage C – Personal Property coverage automatically provided in the base-policy contract. There is no business-related liability coverage in any Citizens policy.

The PIO coverage endorsement will be removed from policies renewing October 1, 2012, and later.

Agents with policyholders impacted by the elimination of PIO coverage will receive an email with additional information and a list of affected policies.

ePAS System Enhancements

The following ePAS enhancements have been made to support the above changes:

A Four-Point Inspection Date field has replaced the Updated Wiring and Updated Heating fields on the Rating tab for non-mobile home policies.
A Four-Point Inspection Date field and Updated Plumbing field will display for mobile home policies.
A new polybutylene-piping question will display on the General tab.
Question 6 on the General tab has been revised to reflect the electrical rule change.
Permitted Incidental Occupancy and all related fields no longer will display on the Coverages tab.
An automated journal entry will be added when a system change noted above affects a renewal policy dated on or after October 1, 2012.

Any coverage change will be outlined in the Notice of Change in Policy Terms, which will be included with the renewal package. The content of each notice will vary by policy form. Samples of notices can be found in the 2012 section of the Annual Changes: Rates, Rules and Forms tab under Training and Reference Materials on the Agents section of our website.

First, nice form design citizens…:roll: :roll: :roll:

Second, I told everyone that we needed a standard form. Now you have a mini home inspection.

A first executable form is attached

Thanks Michelle. You guys are always on top of things.

Thank you Ken :slight_smile: How are you my friend?

I’m sure mikey will be thrilled:D
Actually they are asking for less info than the Nachi form

Is there an Adroid App for that;)

Nice one thanks

I don’t think so…
This section of the 4-Point inspection must be completed with** full details/descriptions if any of the following are noted on the inspection**: Updates (provide full details of the types of updates completed, date completed and by whom) Any system determined to be NOT in good working order. Any hazards/deficiencies are present

I hope all the idiots out there charge at least $200 for it.

I will try but I am sure the multi firm inspectors will not change a damn thing because they are fools that just pass the work onto the slaves they employ.

I already charge $150 for stand alone 4 points and 125 with something else.

Gee anyone want to guess about why they decied the old tried and true was not good .enough.

I’ll tell you it is the fools that keep giving more and more for nothing.

I’ll be posting on my blog tomorrow my feelings on this. The crux is that Citizens has to reduce its exposure, as in clients. This is another weapon. I predicted this would happen.

Maybe there will be another News Story. -X Citizens should be ashamed, they are scum.

Thank you Michelle!

Off hand, I like it better than the NACHI. I may be switching over.

I also like the layout. I wonder if other companies besides Citizens would accept this form. It does have Citizens all over the form.


Thanks Eric!


Great looking form Citizens! I don’t think it will take much longer to complete this inspection.

I think the photo requirements are very relaxed to be honest. If I were in underwriting I would ask for more.

They accept anything…already.

Of course they would accept this crap as a 4 point.

I’ll take any bets :slight_smile:

thanks Michelle and Eric. I always thought the 4 point was required at 25 yrs - I get referrals for them at 25 yrs routinely. I call them MTV homes as they were being built when MTV came along and pre-wiring for cable became a standard

Thanks for sharing this guys, appreciate it.