Citizens Insurance

Citizens seeks fewer customers, higher premiums.

Similar story…

What did I tell you? The Gov. is implementing phase one. I hope no one here has a significant other working in the university system. Wait until you see what happens next! :twisted: :twisted:

and even more–Homeowners question Citizens inspection notices

From the story…
“A March 2012 report shows that of the nearly 150,000 homes Citizens inspected, 71 percent of the inspections resulted in a premium hike.”

…I wonder how many of these premium hikes were a result of the re-inspector’s “inability” to get into an attic.

And not being able to see :slight_smile:

They are friggen crooks.

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What did I miss? What’s your theory?

It isn’t a theory, it is happening.
Citizens will cut a majority, and if the Gov gets his way, all of their clients. Then, private insurers will come in and take up the slack, but will do so under “special arrangements”. Then, when a major storm hits, watch them all disappear…and there will be plenty of homes that won’t be rebuilt, until they are foreclosed on.

As for the other plans, well, you can just watch them unfold.

This man spent millions getting elected. How do you suppose he is going to refill that debt?

In the mean time…
What did Rick Scott do now?

Universities no more

Thanks for the further explanation. I concur totally.

We will all be living in a van down by the river

The governor has said publicly and many people agree, Citizens should shrink.

It seems that every other Citizens customer in s displeased with them.

The latest from the gov…
Rick Scott’s Taxpayer Waste Czar Got $400,00 No-Bid Contract in Taxpayer Money

They seem to be going after existing customers too. Received a call from one of my customer’s insurance agents the other day. Citizens pulled the credits on a wind mit and was raising the rates on the customer because an 8 month old inspection had a digital signature. No complaints about the report, just the signature.

I asked the agent if they were just trying to find a way to raise rates and she said “I’m beginning to think that”.

It seems to me there is a big propaganda campaign to make people believe how terrible it will be for all tax payers if Citizens gets hit with a large hurricane. Wasn’t the purpose of creating Citizens to spread the risk to all citizens and reduce the profit margin so we could afford insurance. If Citizens does get hit the cost is spread equally to all citizens. What is wrong with that? The insurance companies just want to increase their rates, that’s all it is.

I do believe that is called socialism.

Socialism or consumer protection from the Farengies

Our politicians have forgotten the fact that they should be looking out for the consumer but somehow business has sidestepped this.

We are ALL on the hook for Citizens. So if you have a crappy house on a barrior island and it is destroyed, I should have to pay for it? No, fix your house, move off the island or pay enough to cover YOUR own home. You should pay the going rate and let the market take care of itself.

We must strengthen the middle class, not have them pay for other’s insurance. The people who own the most expensive homes on the beach are subsidized by everyone else. In this case we should be like the wealthy French are starting to do, if it costs too much, move.

Stop blaming others for your failures, Farengies are not real. As I recall you were for licensing, how is that working for you?

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

– Ronald Reagan

Not to many crappy houses left on barrier islands anymore. Millionaires can afford the insurance. Mom and Pop can’t. Florida is one big Barrier Island and hey…6 billion dollars that has stayed in Florida instead of lining investors pockets. Not a bad deal for Floridians.