Citizens Insurance

Millionaires do not need insurance. I have a friend who has a home in Lighthouse Point and another one in Islamirada. Total value is probably 5 million. No insurance. No damage from any hurricanes either, then again, he does have the best hurricane protection there is. I have several friends that fall into that category.

Those that are wealthy know just what a scam insurance, especially home owners insurance is.
It almost become imperative that you make claims just to get some of your premium back.

As for homeowners insurance, since most have mortgages and it is the banks property until it is paid off, why does the homeowner have to pay for the insurance? Shouldn’t the actual “owner” have to pay?
I would be willing to bet your house John, that if the lenders were forced to pay for the insurance, the cost would go way down. :slight_smile:

***Citizens seeks fewer customers, higher premiums.***](

That is also my goal for my inspection business. Just like citizens, I’m willing to sell off my low margin inspection customers (homes on wheels) and my high risk customers (3500sf for $89,900) for a modest discount. You do not have to qualify to purchase these customers, just have a little upfront cash, vote Republican and swear you have no connection to me personally. this is a business opportunity of your lifetime - no cold calling, no selling, no MLM, no credit check, no qualifying, no background check - you can’t miss this opportunity!

sorry to disappoint John but not a failure by any means. Licensing became inevitable and I advocated a seat at the table. If we knew licensing were to be extended to accommodate all your licenses there probably would have been a stronger backlash.

It would be nice to strengthen the middle class however until we can raise our own pay to enhance our profits I don’t see it happening in the future.

I’m glad your such an admirer of Ronald Reagan…the beginning of the end of the middle class.

BTW are you advocating to move if you are not able to afford big business mandates? I prefer to fight them through the political system.

One more thing…When we got hit by all the storms in the past, Where are all the ins co’s that sucked us dry all them none storm years. That’s right bankrupt
Taxpayers were on the hook anyway. No money to pay the claims. All the profits spent on who knows what. Let’s repeat that scenario again so big business can profit again. Oy Vay. will we ever learn.

One other thing Thomas, what about the insurance companies who just decided not to write policies anymore, like State Farm? What about the ones like POE, that just declared bankruptcy and kept all of those profits prior to Wilma?

The only way to strengthen the “middle class” what is left of it, is to stop screwing them financially.

You obviously do not pay attention to history nor what is currently happening in Europe.

Sorry John,

Europe’s been around 1000’s of years. Pay attention…we might learn something.

I do pay attention every government has gone under after about 200 years. Greece is falling apart, the rich French are leaving because they are over taxed. Did you realize that Europe has been declining for decades?

Sorry Tom, but but everyone should know that you can’t ask a man to work in the sun when their being paid to sit in the shade…Nothing to learn from Europe except what NOT to do.

Our short-term memory has not helped us much here in the USA…let’s see how the market reacts tomorrow. JPMorgan Chase will be hurting soon…largest US bank and large real estate portfolio. Interesting times…again…