Citizens MUST accept an 1802 - READ THIS

When I read the note on the site saying that Citizens would not accept a new 1802 I filed a complaint. Below is the reply.

"Dear Mr. Thomas:

We have received a response from Citizens concerning the request for service you filed regarding the re-inspection for wind mitigation.

Citizens’ position is that they have a fiscal responsibility to all Floridians to ensure that the premiums that they charge are correct and reflect accurate rating characteristics for each covered property. Additionally, they state that when the entire wind mitigation procedure is read from their website, it is accurate and acceptable and is not an unfair trade practice.

Citizens advise that if the policyholder can provide documentation (such as a photo, contract, building plan, etc.) to support the existence of wind mitigation features, then the purchase of a new inspection is not needed. However, if a subsequent inspection is purchased by the policyholder that clearly supports the re-application of credit, this would not be refused. The company indicates that the OIR-B1-1802 (Rev. 01/12) that the policyholder is to use when applying for the discount mandates that it be accompanied by proof: “At least one photograph must accompany this form to validate each attribute marked in questions 3 through 7.” They advise that by mandating such proof, the OIR recognizes that mere submission of the inspection form is insufficient and does not entitle a policyholder to the discounts.

We suggest that if you have a problem in the future with any policyholder’s re-inspection form not being accepted by Citizens, which meets the criteria outlined by the OIR, that you have the policyholder contact us with the documentation and rejection notice so that we can inquire on a per case basis to ensure that the company is proceeding in a fair and equitable manner."

So, in English, if a homeowner has a new inspection and that inspection contains the required photos, CITIZENS MUST ACCEPT IT.

See… not all WCE’s are evil.

This has been my experience also.

Chris… I am glad to see somebody in Florida is doing what they can to hold these companies accountable. Great job!

Thought we already knew this? Or maybe I was just assuming this is how it works.

Not according to the Citizens website and internal policy.

Thank you Christopher! As always, you are a wealth of information and an asset to our industry. :smiley:

We knew this SHOULD be the policy. However, Citizens is trying to subvert this and preasure the agent to redirect the client back to the WCE’s.

None of my re-inspection to re-inspects have been rejected. However, Citizens has sent the agents notice that they would not accept them.

Thanks for taking this on and sharing, Christopher. As posted above, Citizens IS advising Agents they will not accept an independent re-inspection report.

We need a blanket letter from the OIR to include in our presentations to clients/agents regarding this or the OIR should order Citizens to cease their claim.

Who signed that letter. It would be nice to have a name to refer back to

Saw your email to agent today. Great marketing!

Wished I’d thought of it. :slight_smile:

Yeah I saw it last week…

Again, this sounds like collusion and racketeering to me. Perhaps it is time to get the Attorney General involved.

Maybe someone should let the General know that the OIR and Citizens “appear” to be one.

It appears that citizens dictates to the OIR instead of the OIR regulating citizens.

Don’t waste your time! She is busy throwing the handicapped in jail!:wink:

It’s okay!

Absolutely NO chance of collusion. They are all working hard behind closed doors, in industry funded work groups and ‘research teams’. Remember, Citizens is here for the benefit of the homeowners.

They are looking out for us!

Nope, no collusion at all - Oh, except for that little part where the Asst muckety muck at OIR is now the acting President of Citizens…

Please do tell.

I seem to be the only one who thinks that citizens and the OIR appear as one.

MAJOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Talk about ethical violations?

How come no one else sees it?