I was asked to post this

Here it is with some comments(not by me). You draw your own conclusions.

I’am eating dinner but the first sentence sums it up.

Screwing every homeowner they can.

Maybe I’ll have the time to read the rest later.

Thanks for posting that :slight_smile:

Wow. I am no longer part of that network but bottom of page 3 seems like bribery

My advice to this inspector is to move on. Based on the sidebar comments that were added, it is clearly not a good fit and they are trying to manage him out the door.


I smell problems down the road for ID. It goes along with everything I’ve heard from inspectors working for the company.

I would like to hear if the other WCE have similar issues?


I think this should be sent to one of the many investigative reporters covering the sham that is the re-inspection program.

Just my humble opinion.

Trisha, forget about the side comments. You dont see anything wrong with the statements made, especially on the bottom of page 3? This appears to be an official company bulletin. I cant tell for sure as i left this network due to things I am not ready to voice here but both Citizens and an numerous attorneys are looking into things like this from what I hear.

Honestly Trish, your a good sport and do provide some interesting commentary. But, you should have some disclaimers running below your posts like…

…Industry paid spokesperson…propaganda producer…fiction writer…Drinker of koolaide…Spin doctor…

Do they pay by the post or the letter?

I Think it says it all in the posted tech bulletin. If you allow ID to charge you extra fees they will return the favor and give you more inspections. Read page 3. That is crazy. Is that legal?

Hi John,

I thank God I don’t live in Florida doing this nonsense, but this is so bizarre the state attorney general should be looking into this mockery.

How do they refer to this, “Team Players”?

Wink Wink…:shock:

Or Oik Oik…:shock:

The AG sits on the Board of Department of Financial Services. The Dept. of Financial Services governs Citizens. Unfortunately, the AG is part of the problem. This will only get resolved through civil action (litigation and/or class action). Don’t look for elected officials to do the right thing with respect to this issue (Citizens- and the insurance industry). There is way too much money, power, and influence involved- and they are all in bed together on this one.

From what I understand there are attorneys no building a case with no out of pocket costs to inspectors to expose things like this and collect monies owed, fees charged, and interest. Inspectors just need to contact one of these attorneys

Thanx John…this is what is needed to pursue an investigation. Please guys and gals there is a lot more out there. Send your comments, experience, documentation to

“Jay Neal” <jneal@floridainsurancereform.org>, “Jay Neal” <jneal@floridainsurancereform.org>,](“Jay Neal” <jneal@floridainsurancereform.org>,)


I did some re-inspections and can tell you first hand. One long time inspector told me in the beginning, “if you are going to work with ‘them’ keep one hand on your wallet.”

I would agree with you Preston, scratch our back…

This, if they are trying to say you are a sub contractor, but can only use ID on the reports, will land them in hot water.
Sort of what happened to these guys (see attached)

What the tech bulletin says or doesn’t say, or my comments pertaining to it, are not for public broadcast.

What I’m getting really sick of, is the disgruntled inspectors making it sound like every inspector involved in this program feel the same. They are going to ruin it for others who are content and making money.

There are always more happy customers than unhappy “customers” (or inspectors in this case), but it’s always the unhappy ones that make all the noise.

I received numerous marketing emails from this organization. I was initially skeptical. After one phone call to them I knew I didn’t want to have anything to do with them.

Inspector beware.