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Personal Lines Policies:
Citizens-Endorsed Inspection Companies for
Wind Mitigation Inspections

IE #010-13 – June 13, 2013

As a service to our applicants and policyholders, Citizens now endorses the following three highly qualified inspection companies to provide wind mitigation inspections:

Inspection Depot

Mueller Services

Quality Built

Property owners applying for coverage with Citizens and existing policyholders who apply for wind mitigation premium discounts must have a wind mitigation inspection performed by a Florida-licensed, authorized inspector. Property owners may select any Florida-licensed and authorized mitigation inspector to perform the inspection.

Consumer Benefits
Citizens-endorsed inspection companies:

Ensure that their inspectors meet the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation minimum licensing standards
Verify that their inspectors have passed criminal background checks
Provide, and require their inspectors to attend, annual industry training courses

When an applicant or policyholder hires a Citizens-endorsed inspection company, the inspection agreement is solely between the property owner and the inspection company. Property owners and agents should contact the inspection company directly for information about:

Inspection fees and payment options
Appointment scheduling
The inspection process
Inspection report delivery options (e.g., U.S. mail, fax, email, etc.)

The applicant or policyholder should give you a copy of the complete inspection report, including photographs, which you will need to upload via the ePAS Electronic Document Submission process.

For additional information, refer to the:

· Policyholders section: Blue Inspections button; select Wind Mitigation Inspections
· Agents section: Blue Inspections button

Selecting a Citizens-endorsed inspector to perform an inspection does not guarantee wind mitigation discounts or that the property will not be re-inspected to verify that wind mitigation discounts were applied correctly.

Wonder who you have to know or Blow to get on the list?

Funny they do not mention the thousands that are qualified that are not related to those scumbags.

Not a good Idea for clients to select the folks the insurance company recommends. If you cannot figure out why then just do it because you deserve what you get. If you feel it just is not right shoot me an email and I’ll explain it to ya. Homeowners only.

Here’s more from Citizens’ website…

No big deal in my opinion.

Thanks Eric. Did you notice there is no mention of the “No Re-inspection Guarantee” when using these companies? Guess that didn’t make it through committee.

Thanks Eric!

There IS mention of the “No Re-Inspection Guarantee” - There is NO guarantee. I think that qualifies as good news - No unfair advantage.

No unfair advantage there. Just the notice to every insurance agent in Florida steering business to those 3 companies.

Yeah, there IS that - but that WITH the no re-inspection guarantee would have been much worse.

Ok. I feel better about it now.:wink:

Then my work is done!

I hope no agent, policyholder or anyone else reading this thinks that “authorized inspector” = one of the three “Citizens endorsed inspection companies”. I can see how someone could mistakenly read it that way and believe they are limited to using one of these three companies for wind mitigation inspections. Homeowners are free to use who they want as long as they are licensed and authorized.

When “ONE” company sent out their inspectors to canvas the agents a few months ago, they were insisting that Citizens would only accept inspection reports ran through one these companies when their retail program starts. We had to inform the agents we deal with that this was absolutely not correct.

That is exactly what they want you to think. The whole biz is crooked as crap.

I did a mit for a guy today and the company had their own man their doing a 4 point.

Bad for us but I believe that is how it should be done. I believe the insurance companies should be the ones to pay for a 4 point then they can make up whatever b u l l s h i t they want because it is their right. I believe they are fools if they do not inspect what they are going to insure for thousands of dollars and I believe it is unfair for the client to pay for it. Bad for me and you but that is what would be right for the client with regards to 4 points.

Good night all I’m beat. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

I personally have two issues with this!

1: “…must have a wind mitigation inspection performed by a Florida-licensed, authorized inspector.” This immediately pissed me off when I first read this. The ONLY requirement here in Florida is that you are properly licensed and insured… that’s it! I am a builder first and as long as the project is not beyond my licensing scope, I AM authorized. I can imagine what the average homeowner is going to presume from those two little words. Long gone are the days of the “My Safe Florida Home”! :wink:

2: I have a real problem with a state owned, tax subsidized, non-profit corporation recommending ANYONE, period! The state of Florida is the same controlling body that requires and issues trade licenses, and it is shear blasphemy that they would list, recommend, insinuate, or otherwise mention any entity or individual regulated by the state they are subsidized by. What in hell is going on with our governments… or better yet, we who tolerate this utter nonsense? Someone please let me in on the next “patriots” meeting ! :mad:

Sorry for the rant… have a nice day.

I agree but, “authorized” would imply that they have the proper training also. Remember you can be a home inspector and not have taken the training to do wind mits and you would NOT be authorized but you would be licensed.

just saying


If you have the time, can you kindly point me to any FL legislation that defines “authorized” specifically for wind mits? I have seen none whatsoever in my search. You and I as builders are already required to have included a portion of our CE’s as Wind Mitigation, which clearly makes us both “authorized” in my book. That… and if you are a coastal builder you had better know what’s what on the form. :wink:

On the Home Inspector end, statute 468.83-468.8325 clearly defines that a FL licensed home inspector can perform inspections relating to (generic) Family Dwellings… which I believe the wind mit clearly falls under. I believe once our glorious leaders decided to regulate yet another trade, they hung themselves. Once you obtain the license and abide by their laws, you are automagically “authorized” within your scope. (ie: you are operating within the requirements of the law) Just my $0.02

Your insight on this is greatly appreciated… don’t want to be breaking the law or anything. BTW… Go Bulldogs! :wink: (lived, built, raised the kids in Melbourne for many years)

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You should become a Nachi member. We need more folks that see the idiocy of the system.

Haha… ya think they need one more builder stirring up trouble here? :sarcasm:

Actually, I had seriously considered membership but set it aside for now. For the HI only, it looks to be a pretty good deal for what you receive. My hesitation arose after reading a few posts of those beckoning for representation in Tallahassee, that “appeared” to fall on deaf ears. Not so much by the actual members here, who seem to be professional, stand-up guys… but by the association’s administration. (leaders?)

I’m not a big fan of any special interest groups, and I understand that this is considered a trade association (call it what you will) but we all know that there are power in numbers and w/o good representation in front of the legislative powers that be, the little guys will get sh!t on, fast. I’ve been keeping an eye on the current garbage circulating in Tallahassee, and it saddens me. Nothing worse than requiring regulation for any trade, then yanking the rug out from under those in compliance. Eh… but what do I know. Pitchforks and torches anyone? LOL

How do you describe it?