City considers ban on metal roofing

Officials in the city of Muskogee, Oklahoma are considering a city-wide ban of all metal roofs. Metal walls are already prohibited in a city accordance. The potential new legislation has left residents and roofers confused. Residents are angry and confused because they city hasn’t really given a reason for the ban on metal roofing. Roofers and roofing manufacturers in the area have the most to lose as a ban of all metal roofing in the community would seriously hurt their business. One Muskogee resident, Doug Diebold who owns Sonner Steel Sales says that metal roofing accounts for 40% of his business so the ban, if passed would be crippling. Though one small town in Oklahoma potentially banning metal roofing may not seem like a national issue, it does have some implications for the roofing industry as a whole. It’s leading many to question how much authority city officials and homeowner’s associations should have in determining which building materials residents are allowed to use. This certainly wouldn’t be the first time a government body or organization has dictated what kind of roof a homeowner can have installed.

Metal Roofing and aesthetics

Though city officials in Muskogee haven’t given an exact reason for the possible ban, many suspect that it has something to do with the value of other homes in the neighborhood. Simpler looking metal roofs can have the appearance of a barn roof and some think that it may be causing neighboring homes to lose value. What many don’t realize however is that metal roofing is quite versatile and can actually be quite stylish and add to the value of a home. Metal roofing can be made in many shapes and styles. They can be cut in larger sheets like we’re accustomed to seeing on barns and sheds. But they can also be cut into smaller pieces that resemble shingles. The texture of the shingles can also be altered so they can resemble different textures. That combined with the limitless colors that metal roofing can come in makes it so they can resemble just about any other roofing material from slate, to clay tiles, to wood shakes.

Back to the planning stages

Currently, the proposed city ordinance is back on the drawing board perhaps because officials are determining how to best modify the proposed legislation to accommodate for more aesthetically pleasing metal roofs.

The Popularity of metal roofs

Because metal roofs are so durable and require very little maintenance, and especially because it comes in so many styles and colors, metal is quickly becoming a favorite roofing material in America. If you’re interested in making a larger and longer-term investment in your roof, you might want to consider a metal roof though you should probably check with your local government and homeowner’s association.

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