High resolution photos of METAL ROOFS needed

…for a metal roof inspection field guide. If I use your photos, I’ll give photo credit and a free guide book of your choice… comp shingle, slate, tile, wood or metal.

Looking for the following:

  • bad scuppers
  • installation problems
  • fastening problems
  • Missing or damaged trim
  • Flashing problems (headwall, sidewall
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Filliform corrosion
  • Galvanic corrosion

…and anything else unusual or that illustrates a defect of some type.

Please attach and e-mail to: kenton@internachi.org (not a clickable link, copy and paste into your email address window)

I have some copper details. It turns green in a patina. If it’s green but has ANY orange areas, it’s burning out.
Some pix of one I removed. Those tiny slits along th eshingle or slate edge are hard to see until you pull them out.

Acid Burnt Valley (3).jpg

Burnt Copper Valley (4).jpg

Thanks Frank, but I can’t use anything posted, it has to be e-mailed to me as an attachment.

Kenton, Do you want these? If so let me know.

Thanks Robert, but I’ve got similar shots.

Kenton, I will have some great pictures by next week of a standing seam roof with failures.
Including, using electrical conduit for snow guards. They installed them using homemade straps out of coil stock attached with sheet metal screws.

That’s great Peter, I’d love to have copies, especially if you can get some in higher resolution. It’s really tough to find metal roofs here. Most are on commercial buidings and are in pretty good shape.