City Inspection Report


I’ve been provided a copy of the city’s inspect report which had the following comments. I know that these issues will be subject to a re-inspection but i was more curious about whether a list of issues like this one is common or worse than average? Is any issue of specific concern?

  • Complete joint blocking at 2nd floor joists
  • Complete point load block from 1st floor down to top of foundation
  • Provide full bearing under garage man door
  • Squash blocks under 1st floor load bearing wall
  • Install studs directly under 2nd floor joist at 1st floor load bearing wall
  • Provide repair detail for cut LVL under garages sunken entrance

Sounds like someone doesn’t know how to frame or read a build plan! Where are you located?

Looks like a lot of missing framing members. The cut LVL may be a problem. Is this a framing inspection?

Yes, it was very unsettling reading that report. It appears that the framing inspection failed twice. I would appreciate advice on how to proceed from here. Should I keep an eye on anything in particular? The cut LVL definately caught my attention. How would that even get repaired?

Thanks again!

Yes, it was definately unsettling reading that list. I would appreciate some advice on how to proceed from here. Should I be specially concerned with anything, or should I address anything with the builder, or just let them do their work. The cut LVL definitely got my attention. How do I ensure that’s fixed correctly, let alone identify it?

Thank you

If I were you I would hire a different, reputable, competent contractor to make All neeeded repairs.

This appears to be new construction. Part of any answer would be what City this construction is occurring in?

This is a new construction in Ottawa Ontario Canada. Again, i would appreciate some advice on, as a homeowner, how do I ensure the major issues are fixed correctly, let alone identify them? Especially the cut LVL.


I would speak with the Contractor and ask him to monitor the subs a little better.

Hire your own qualified Inspector to do phase Inspections.

It has to pass city inspection, they will be back. Sounds like the builder does not know what they are doing. How committed to this build are you?

What does the AHJ say about this? Do they “red flag” the job until the corrections are made?

Pretty common findings during new construction AHJ inspections. Once those are in the inspection records, they will remain until repaired and signed off by the AHJ. I have seen some early inspections with PAGES of items to correct.

I’m thinking You should be happy You have a heads up city inspector that wont let them proceed till they get it right…

Or until the builder provides them the right amount of incentive!

Best thing is to have a very good independent Inspector assist you with this.

For sure!!

so You are saying this builder is corrupt ? that seems a bit harsh…do You have a reason to suggest this ?

Read line 2 of my response. The times for rose colored glasses are long over and every consumer must use whatever steps are appropriate to help ensure they are receiving what they are paying for.

Or maybe he already got what he paid for…the lowest bid.:cool:

Yes unfortunately it happens a lot. To many Wal-Mart Inspectors out there on a downward spiral.