New build structural questions

Hi, I have a few questions about a new build. Let me know if you need any more info.

  1. Is this support beam at too much of an angle? Being brand new I feel it should be level…

  1. Does this I-Joist has too much damage to the bottom flange?

  1. Is this electrical cutout acceptable? Seems too large, irregularly shaped, and left no webbing between the hole and bottom flange.

Thanks for any and all advice.

Scott, are you a home inspector? Or buyer of this new home?

IMO if you’re the buyer/owner the best advice is to hire a Qualified home inspector to give you their professional on-site opinion.

I concur.

Nothing like trying to save the fee when it repays itself the very first use.

GIVE ME $10 BUCKS FOR EVERY TIME I HEARD; Its a new home, what could be wrong?:roll: HA HA HA

Agree and before the insulation and Drywall go up

Yes, moment reaction due to installation.


and No.

Thanks for the info guys, and yes, this is being built now. There will still be 3 inspections, but I will not be around for those so I just hoping to get a bit of a ‘pre-opinion’ to see if I should be concerned about anything.

Brought it up with contractor, sounds like this the beam will need to be de-done and built into the sub-floor since it is 16". The other issues sound like normal occurrences…

Thanks again for the re-assurance!

Sparky blammering a hole through truss at weak web connection point should not be normal. I would have immediately, and permanently, kicked him off any jobsite, possibly the company he worked for also. If you had to bring these issues up to the GC, vs. him voluntarily disclosing remediation efforts, I would be extremely wary of his oversight abilities.

Look for other bonehead shortcuts, they will be there. These things happen, and a good builder pro-actively fixes them. A quality builder prevents many (not all) from happening in the first place.

Not sure why you are reassured.

First pic.
How large is that gap in the sheathing? How far up did they pour the cement on the sill plate? Or is it level with the bottom?

Depends on the manufacturer’s installation guide and the engineered stamp layout design drawings. (Seems to be TRUS Joist)

I would be concerned about the angle of the beam, as noted for lateral support.

The “temporary” column should be called out.
Yes the lam-beam, or it at least looks like it is a laminated beam is on a slight angle and “not anchored.”
The bearing is one thing but attaching the beam to each joist gives the flooring rigidity and inhibits joist torsion.
I do not see any blocking ether.

That lam-beam is load bearing.
Usually at a stair case opening that type of setup over time lowers from loading.

PS: I am not that concerned about the electrical installers manual knockout.
One small diameter hole. I have seen many more hammer holes than that!
The web and plates look fine.

My bad, I meant I am reassured that my initial concerns are legitimate… not the best wording hah.

To be honest it seems like the GC hasn’t been to involved or proactive with anything to do with the house, making it very difficult. Doesn’t help that I will be out of country for 2 months and not be able to keep an eye on anything personally.
I ‘think’ the gap in the sheathing was somewhere between 1/2" and 1", but I never looked into it too much because I was assuming the framing knew what they were doing… bad move on my part. Is that too large of gap?

The metal vertical support is plumb by my eye, its just the top plate that is twisted to compensate for the moment in the beam. Not sure about the concrete though.

You guys are awesome, I appreciate all the feedback.

Hire an “Over-see-it” Inspector while you are away!

I fully concur.
A very economical approach. Members are guaranteed for $10,000 and are very effective and keeping in touch with you!

Have a safe trip.:smiley:

Definitely, think of all the hours of lost sleep you’ll save.

Yes, it would definitely be wise to hire an inspector to check on the progress. I’ve encountered a lot of shoddy work that got through city inspections.