Civil suit targets 12 for carbon monoxide deaths

Interesting case.

The AHJ’s are named in the suit as individuals. The city has to pay their defense, but there is no doubt that - in this particular case - someone is going to be held accountable for the deaths of an entire family.

Defective design?

Does anyone know of any boiler or furnace provided with CO detection that shuts it down if dangerous levels are exceeded?

This is tragedy but on the surface the lack of proper flue installation and lack of CO detectors are the primary and secondary cause IMHO.

It advertises itself as the “safest available”. This means if the technology exists, anywhere, that would have stopped this tragedy…the manufacturer falsely represented his product.

Only if their is someone that provides that feature.

Hence my question.


Consideration: A performance based inspection can include unsafe conditions. That by itself is incredible liability. When a home inspection Standard includes and expands the concept of safety that increases the liability. In the case above an indemnified code inspector was accused of manslaughter. How do you think a home inspector would survive?

Someone just informed me the original Bushart post was civil litigation. The current case is about the State going after the code inspector. Scary.