Class action suit agaisnt national builder about to close. Be sure to alert anyone who may have been affected,

A class action suit for improper construction techniques is about to close. Please alert anyone who may have been affected.


Here is information on a similar suit.

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Here is a news investigation about stucco issues in Florida.

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Good information Dave, and hasn’t there been problems with Pulte Homes that we heard about on this message board from 10-14 years ago?
Seems I remember Pulte Homes defects a long time ago. Or has this been going on ever since?

From Dave’s link:

"With repairs on a single-family home running between $50,000 and $100,000, the widespread stucco problems could mean upwards of a billion dollars in damage statewide."

Yes been going a long time, just had a Pulte corporate VP tell me yesterday how “good” their stucco is installed.

Yeah sure, Dave, but did he say “HONEST”? :rofl:

Thanks for the info.