Citizens just got slapped with a class action lawsuit for all those no-bid contracts.

This is going to get interesting for InterNACHI which made it to the last round to handle all their re-inspections.

What will Mike Rowan do with all those newly minted $50/inspection GC’s turned Home Inspectors? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering when that was going to happen.

Let the games begin!!

Way back when before the 1802 form ever existed, when there was only the My Safe Florida program, a state commission was convened to determine the best route for the state to take regarding how best to implement this new Wind Mitigation thingy they had concocted.

The commission concluded that the best way was for the consumer to deal directly with the home inspection profession via a voucher they could then submit to the state for a refund of the inspection fee.

Now that we are licensed & insured hopefully the state will revisit the commission’s suggestion.

Hi Nick,

As promised this is the link for you and everybody.



Thought you’d find this interesting:

That would have been the logical and honest way of doing it, the same way for example medical professional’s deal with Medicaid and Medicare. But the problem is that someone couldn’t make money for themselves or have any special interest backing from the insurance companies and a new monopolized industry the MSFH program. And thus the birth of the privileged WCE’s.

By-the-way, When thinking of our future govenor remember Alex Sink was the architect of the entire monopoly, at very least she failed in protecting private small businesses (home inspectors), now she promises to jump start the economy–yeah for who? More WCE’s and alike.


This time it won’t be WCE’s but under-employed GC’s looking to take over the home inspection profession in Florida.

Wouldn’t a GC be “over employed” as a home inspector- rather than under employed?:p.

You’re right times have changed, back during the housing boom they would have told everyone to stick those $50 inspections where the sun don’t shine, today those inspections are the foundation of a newly hatched empire. :mrgreen:

The Florida Governor’s race is one of the worse in the nation, two incompetent people who have compromised their integrity equals no choice for Floridians. I occupy the the untenable position where I can’t vote for Sink and I hope Scott loses. :roll: