( House Detective )

Found it funny…watching House Detective today and I guess it is an old one since it is not our own Steve Ramos ( whom I know would not make this mistake )…However, I turned it on in time to hear the HI tell the client ( who was looking at an old zinsco ) that their was NO ground present to the ground rod…he said without it electricity will not get to where it is supposed to go…the earth…!!! I hate hearing that…

WE all know ( I hope now…at least ) that electricity is NEVER trying to get to EARTH…it is trying to get back to the source of it’s creation and if EARTH happens to be a path it will use it…BUT it is NEVER trying to get to earth…

Man I still love seeing shows and so on that make it past publication and get on TV spreading those myths…gotta love it.

Gotta love a good Neutral…:smiley:

lol… I hear ya

I have watched Steve a few times and it is generally a pretty good watch…but I have had some good snickers also. Like when there is an obvious water and rot problem, and he pulls out his moisture meter. I know it is to illustrate to the viewing public and his clients how bad it is. But he didn’t really need to meter to illustrate it. It was just bad. But that is show biz.

Yeah… it was an OLD show with someone called Rick Yeager I believe and it is all good as electrical issues can get confusing sometimes for people and then understanding the concepts also aid to the confusion.

I actually enjoy the show quite a bit and it is great for the industry.

Just got a chuckle on the " grounding " thing…but it’s all good.