Clearance for Direct Vent propane heater

Anybody know approx. minimum clearances to windows and doors?


Off of the top of my head I want to use the magic # 3 feet

How cool is this:roll:


That is not the proper installation for a direct vent.


The unit is not a boiler or furnace, it is a “space” heater. See lower right corner of picture.


If the MFG requires a flue vent it is to close to the door and it appears to be a dryer vent did it have the flapper in it also???

The direct vent in your diagram would be for natgas or propane, would it not?

What would be the US/Mass. requirements for a direct vent oil outlet. Up here in Canada, it’s 6 feet (all directions) from any opening window or door plus about 9-10 other provisions for distance from property line, inside corners, driveways/walkways, decks/porches, height above any horizontal surfaces, etc.

Hi Charlie,

Actually, the “dryer” vent housing is a 2 way housing at both sides of the wall. The current owner uses it as his access for his extension cord to the panelbox for his generator.

Doesn’t matter what it is at this point. It’s combusting…