Vent to Wall Clearance

Saw this yesterday and looked funny. Is there a recommended distance these should be from the wall. Your Thoughts …




Tell them to be sure to keep the 2nd level windows shut unless the mother-in-law is visiting.

They colored them so the blind inspector could not see from the drive by Inspection. LOL

Here is one from this week; I thought the sign posted on the door by the agent was priceless.

Direct vent

If less than 10K BTU 6 inches to opening

10-50 K BTU 9 inches to opening

Over 50 BTU 12 inches to opening

so depending on heater size that condition may be ok.

Hi Charles;

Unit was 35K; It was less than 9 inches to either window opening (closer to the casement window on the left). Just doesn’t show in picture. The inside furnace wall clearance to combustibles was also 2 inches too close based on the posted clearance requirements. They tried to get it in but it was still too close. I recommended a review. Your right that sometimes what looks too close is actually OK.