Help with Propane stove vent clearances near windows. (Maine)

Hi guys,

I inspected this house a few weeks ago and called out the clearance on the propane stove they installed on their sunroom. The top terminates within 3 feet of a working bathroom window and does not terminate past the roof line.

Their Realtor sent me this:

I have attached the specs for the installation of the Propane Stove Vent. The sellers went to the stove shop where it was purchased and also who installed it and they say it is installed per code. They would like clarification on the code which is determining it is not correct. Can you get this to me so we can proceed with the change if necessary.

I have attached photos of the vent and the graphic I included in the report. Where can I find the “code” that states clearances? Or am I crazy and somehow wrong.

Thanks for the help.

Oops, I missed some pics.

Your diagram says 18" below the soffit and 18" from the wall minimim.

what did you measure?


Page 15 says 9" clearance to operable window.

It was about 24" from wall and 30" from Soffit. It just didn’t seem right to me. If I’m wrong I’m wrong.

It happens.

Thank them for the info and move.

Since it is not always possible to locate the clearance requirements you may want to express you concern(in the future) and suggest they verify the installation is proper. Offer to help if they can provide the documents to you.

I’ve seen some pretty silly stuff but the mfgs. clearance charts rule. :wink:

Thanks Micheal for always helping everyone out, it appears I’m wrong with this one…

Probably not the first or last.

I’ve had my share. :shock:

It’s the ones I don’t know about that bother me. lolol