Clearence for service wire

I had lady call me asking about the power lines coming into her house ( mother of a former client) . Her question was if the clearance for a service wire has ever been changed sense 1997 when her house was built . I know what todays clearence says but i was wondering if anyone knows if it was less than 10 feet anytime in the past? The power company says it is her problem because it wasn’t a code back then and it had change lately and her house was grandfather so that is how it got passed. This came from the power company engineer . ( he didn’t not know for sure but it is probably the reason it is like that) This is after he said the deck was added after the line went in . Fortunately she has a picture of the deck before the wires where put in . any help would be appreciated .

What codes did the jurisdiction have in effect in 1997?

I am not to sure about that one James

I would say nec around here most use what is already available

In olden times before moderation, an Electriican or two would wander through these threads quite regularly and offer advice.

My 1996 NEC book is in storage somewhere… otherwise I would be able to help out here.


10 feet from where? The deck?

10 feet above the deck .

    • b. Overhead service wires and cables shall be as high above ground at the point of attachment to a building as the height and form of the building and existing local conditions permit, **but shall in no case be less than 10 feet **and need not be greater than 18 feet unless in the judgment of the authority enforcing this code a greater height is required in a particular case to secure proper clearance from other wires or obstructions.

Around here if the deck was built if built with a permit the wires would have to be moved if less than 10’ of clearance back in 1997. Generally if I am not mistaken the 10’ of clearance would be from the lowest point of the cable not the connection point.