CLIB approved wind mitigation course

Next weekend in Orlando. Contact the FABI office for information

Also here in Orlando: and every other city, every day, every night, at no charge.

I didn’t know. Thank you Nick.

Panel discussion on wind mits afterwards, I will be there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that an open meeting so that us rank and file inspectors could attend to watch and learn?

It is for FABI members and guests, it is not free. You can pay and go though.

Contact the FABI office. I believe that you can attend only the wind mit class and discussion if you want. There is more education if you wish.

I want to thank John for coming. He will be on the panel to answer questions. There will also be other experts there to answer questions.

Nick - yes, you do offer a free course. But sometimes there is no substitute for a live person, and in this case a panel, to answer questions during and after the course. If the online course was perfect, there would be no need for questions and we would not have all of this confusion over these inspections.

Even if the online course is perfect, until we have a mandatory standardized training course for ALL licensees authorized to do wind mits as well as the mandating that same course for all underwriters, the differing interpretations and opinions will continue.