Wind Mitigation Inspections In Florida

Nick -

While there are a great number of inspectors in Florida that are Internachi members, I believe that they are not all members of FloridaNachi. The reason for this comment is because I found out today about the memo from the Florida OIR allowing Licensed Home Inspectors to perform wind mitigation inspection. If not for speaking with a fellow inspector who happens to be on the FloridaNachi list, a lot of us would have never know.

Shouldn’t anything relating to Florida Inspectors be sent to all Nachi Florida Inspectors and not just those who chose to join Florida NACHI.

Please give us some feedback.

Pay attention to this forum and it will keep you well informed about what is going on in Florida. It was posted months ago, when the law was passed.

We have been discussing this topic daily for several months, like John said. If you follow this forum, you will get a play by play of all the regulations as they unfold. There is also a Florida Insurance Insectors group which you should join.

While I agree that there are many threads going on with this subject, I am not always able to get on the board due to business.

All i am saying is that this should have been sent out to all NACHI Members and not just FLNachi Members. Thank you for your replies:)

There is no list that excludes information about what affects Florida inspectors. There is no privileged information that is e-mailed to FLA-NACHI. All information that is available to Florida InterNACHI has been and will be available somewhere on this board. The information provided by InterNCHI members can be overwhelming so it’s important to be able to keep up as events occur - check in daily.

Any Florida inspector can contact me if they had any questions about what is going on with Florida InterNACHI

Richard Hyland

Richard, thank you for your reply. It is true that the volume is overwhelming and on top of that, work has been very busy.

I was just very surprised because having been watching this board for very long time regarding the wind mits, this was the first time that myself and several other members had ever seen that memo.

Have a great weekend.