Client wants most observations corrected, seller refuses

A client (buyer) has asked me to respond to him regarding the seller and attorney response to my deficiencies found after an inspection. The buyer is basically asking for most items to be resolved. The seller is stating they are either upgrades or maintenance issues and refuses to correct. For example, exterior outlets not GFCI, electrical receptacle boxes loose, electrical panel legend missing, hose bibs not the frost free type, soil in direct contact with siding, etc. The buyer wants me to elaborate more so he can go back to seller. Does anyone have a generic type letter to respond to the buyer stating my observations do not imply everything needs to be addressed?

Quite simply, that’s not your problem.

You reported, it’s up the buyer/seller and their respsective agents to figure out what, if anything will be done.

It’s not your responsibility to do the Real Estate agents jobs.

Further, any implication that something you found doesn’t have to be fixed could come back to haunt you.

I agree say nothing You did your report and it stands on what was reported.

Yes Ian thanks. I definitely understand. I just wanted to respond to my client in an understanding manner. Thought maybe someone had a generic letter drawn up. I still feel the need to respond to my customer though in some way

Also any attempt to negotiate repairs between buyer and seller could be considering practicing Real Estate without a license.

Totally agree with Ian - You could get clipped for doing Real Estate work illegally!

You should not get involved with the buyer/seller discussions as you could be held accountable if something goes sideways!
Your client is your friend until he throws a tantrum!

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All of the above are correct. Your report is your findings and they speak for themselves. What the seller or buyer do with it is up to them mot you. You were hired to find the defects, not to negotiate the repairs.


OP is simply asking for a response to his client, and seems to understand all of the above suggestions.


Your inspection report is a thorough condition report of the structure at the time of inspection. An inspection report is intended to be a tool for you in providing you with appropriate information regarding the structure to make an informed decision regarding the property transaction.
While it is quite common for a buyer to utilize an inspection report to negotiate desired repairs to the inspected structure, the seller is under no legal or fiscal obligation to make any of the requested repairs, nor to offer any remuneration for said repairs.

A Realtor or Real Estate Attorney hold the necessary licenses and knowledge for assist in appropriate contractual negotiations.

If I were a seller, I’d laugh at that stuff too and wouldn’t fix either.

You have your answer.
Could not have been said any better.


Well said, however, just be aware that some jurisdictions in NJ are starting to require that the seller upgrade things like GFCI’s, install handrails where required, and other safety items.

Ask to do the repair-verification inspection work.

You did your job … Now let the client, his Realtor OR Attorney do theirs. Ian’s post hit the nail on the head. Keep out of the negotiations.

Its really a SIMPLE process.

Buyer does NOT have to BUY … Seller does NOT have to FIX or SELL.

That’s why the Inspector is not involved in the Create Repair List feature of Homegauge. It’s not our job to negotiate repairs.

Thank you John …exactly what I was looking for! Saw your response a little too late so I sent my client the following response:

My report is based on my observations found according to the NJ and InterNACHI SOP’s. I can only recommend repairs, especially if they are a safety hazard. My findings are also to help identify potential issues as a home buyer and that I cannot help in negotiating repairs. Any attempt to negotiate repairs between buyer and seller could be considering practicing Real Estate without a license. I hope this helps in addressing your concerns. Anything else I can do please do not hesitate to contact me.

This should have been covered by your report in the first place…