closed valley install

This roof has the closed valley shingles installed in a way that Ive never seen before. No leaks in the attic. Appears that it works to shed water off but usually the patterns ive seen are weaved or installed under one side that is cut back an inch or so. Is there a ‘name’ given to this style or is it just bad craftsmanship ? second picture shows flashing - not great but its there. Maybe this was an open valley at one time then thy added shingles to make it a closed valley ?

Looks like ridge cap shingles woven in at the valley. It’s wrong.

Ah good catch. Was trying to figure how they cut each one. Makes sense now.

That’s actually an open cut valley that has had shingles placed over the valley flashing.
I would say, “The valley of the roofing system on this home is an unconventionally flashed open cut valley. While this did not appear to be leaking at the time of inspection, more destructive evaluation of the valley flashing should be performed by a licensed roofing professional to determine the need for repair or replacement. Failure to further evaluate may result in future leaks at the valley locations.”

That is what it looks like, Reece.
It is probably a re-roof and the valley metal was rusted so they tried to purdy it up. :shock:

Agreed, it’s wrong and should be evaluated by a roofer for valley metal rust.

Had a nice ridge sag also on the gable roof part of the house. The valley was on an extension. Thanx for all the help and verbiage.