Closed-Cut Valley

Roof was 10 years old and in decent condition throughout. Unfortunately all six valleys looks like this. Moisture stains were visible in a couple rooms.

Would you recommend repairs to the valley or complete valley replacement?

100_2780 (Small).JPG

Vince, hard to tell from the photo as to the installation procedure taken underneath the shingles.
Personally, I would never recommend a cut valley using a 3-tab shingle.
It should have been a weaved (or closed) valley or an open valley installation.
I would recommend evaluation and repairs as required by a qualified Roofing Contractor.

Marcel :slight_smile:

I’m not sure by looking at the picture, but the right side appears to be a lower pitch than the left. If so, it’s bass ackwards.:roll:

Also, the cut is supposed to be 2" from the center of the valley, not in the center. :roll: Cut where they are will cause leaks.

Are the tops clipped correctly? As per the first pic? The shingles should be cut parallel to the rafters, NOT 45’ved away. That will also cause leaks. If not, it’s a MAJOR source of leaks.

Any sign of short run shingles, as in the second picture? If so, it’s a MAJOR source of leaks.

Any sign of shingle joints in the valley, as per the third picture? If so, it’s a MAJ
OR source of leaks.

Chances are Frank it was screwed up from the start.
Since we can’t see how it was initially installed, it is very difficult to judge what the problem is unless it is taken apart.
Would you not agree?
As an Inspector, recommend further evaluation from a professional roofing Contractor and let repairs initiated as required to rectify the problem with water intrusions.

May the repairs hopefully be initiated per the standard of practice for this type of installation. :):D;)

You’re right Marcel. In the examples of wrong installation I posted, I could NOT find the leak causes until I had dissected the whole thing.
“Would you recommend repairs to the valley or complete valley replacement?”

“Repairs with the probability of full replacement, depending on what is found or suspected when doing the repair”. That’s about how I word those.

That sounds reasonable Frank.
I think noting something like this would be in order.

On Inspection of the roof and visual leaks observed, it would be my recommendation that the Valley installation of the roofing covering be inspected and repaired by a qualified Roofing Contractor.
It is my opinion from what I have observed, that the Valley installation might not have been installed per Manufacturers specifications and is therefore creating the leaks observed in the attic and on the roof sheathing.
Dependant of what is found upon removal of the roof covering, will have an impact to the cost and extent of repairs.

Something like that I think. :mrgreen:

I think I will use this comment in my report. :smiley: