Closet Lightning Question

OK what is the code on Fluorescent lightning in a closet. I know it says 6" from the vertical plane of a shelf in a closet, but does that include a closed covered fluorescent light? I am away from the office so no access to my NEC so can someone paste for me the actual code?

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2008 nec:

Article 410 Luminaries (Lighting Fixture), Lampholders, and Lamps

Article 410.8 (B) Luminaries (Fixture) Types Permitted. Listed. The following types of light fixtures shall be permitted to be installed in a closet. Closets (Clothes and storage) eight ( square feet (0.74 m²) or larger one of the following type of light fixtures shall be installed:

  1. A recessed incandescent fixture with a completely enclosed lamp operated by a wall switch.

  2. A surface mounted or recessed fluorescent fixture with a completely enclosed tube(s) operated by a wall switch.

410.8 © Luminaries (Fixture) Types Not Permitted. The following fixtures are not permitted:

  1. Surface mounted incandescent fixture with enclosed, partially enclosed or open bulbs.
  2. Pendant Style
  3. Lampholders

Walk-in closets of larger area where no storage exists within forty (40) inches (1016 mm) in any direction of a vertical line extending from the floor to ceiling, away from the wall, incandescent fixtures with totally enclosed bulb(s) may be used. Said light fixtures shall be operated by a wall switch.

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So am I correct in calling out the builder who put the surface mounted florescent light directly above a 12" shelf ?


I say it is your call.
They are not actually going to do anything about it which all of us know so do you actually think of it as a hazard?
“You Make the call”

Does it have the required clearances?

Well that is my original question. The light is a surface mounted fluorescent light with a cover that has its ends directly over the closets shelves. /

Picture would be nice but I do not really see a issue if the cover is plastic.

Here is the closet storage area as defined by the NEC. The surface mounted fluorescent cannot be within this area unless identified for use within the space. If not in the area it would need to be a minimum of 6" above the shelf and 6" in from each edge and from the back of the storage area in the graphic.