Clothes Closet Lighting. Please proof this new inspection article.

Clothes Closet Lighting.

You may want to include the graphic from Article 410 to illustrate the space restrictions.

Graphics dept is already working on it

heck…I gave them a library educators graphics to emulate…get busy fella…lol

You do know however, nothing requires a luminarie in a closet…;)…so any illumination is a plus as long as it is compliant with the NEC.

I use this…
Article 410 Luminaries (Lighting Fixture), Lampholders, and Lamps**

Article 410.8 (B) Luminaries (Fixture) Types Permitted. Listed. The following types of light fixtures shall be permitted to be installed in a closet. Closets (Clothes and storage) eight (:cool: square feet (0.74 m²) or larger one of the following type of light fixtures shall be installed:

  1. A recessed incandescent fixture with a completely enclosed lamp operated by a wall switch.

  2. A surface mounted or recessed fluorescent fixture with a completely enclosed tube(s) operated by a wall switch.

410.8 © Luminaries (Fixture) Types Not Permitted. The following fixtures are not permitted:

  1. Surface mounted incandescent fixture with enclosed, partially enclosed or open bulbs.
  2. Pendant Style
  3. Lampholders

**Walk-in closets of larger area where no storage exists within forty (40) inches (1016 mm) in any direction of a vertical line extending from the floor to ceiling, away from the wall, incandescent fixtures with totally enclosed bulb(s) may be used. Said light fixtures shall be operated by a wall switch.

I add to never use metal pull chains on bare bulbs.


Sorry, jus had to do it. Paul is my friend. :wink:


Thanks! I asked about this article on Sunday, and Nick said they would have something on Tuesday! This why INACH is the BEST!!

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The base cracks and conducts electricity to your body through the exposed socket…

I have seen so many cracked off in closets ,it is ridiculous, and easy for the chain to touch the base socket.

The hot should be through the center button, but the wire can be reversed.

Another factor is when the light is on the socket is hot anyway,even when wired correctly.

Did not read that,as it is just common sense .

Right, that is why newer ones have a plastic ‘separator’ on them, so you don’t get a zinger. I still can’t believe people buy these nowadays but they do.

Believe it or not I still find them in rehabs and new construction.

I always let them know how that top shelf and boxes is a bad combination ,till they change over to a florescent operated wall switch.

Closet lights not required so they just throw in a garbage light, most likely to open the closet doors and make the bedrooms look larger.

Threw in something about that, thanks