Cloth Wiring Questions

To me this appears as an insulated wire with cloth sheathing, but wanted to get another set of eyes. Also, would you write this up as cloth wiring and would it be unsatisfactory on a four point?

There is a rubber insulation over tinned conductors under the cloth braid.


So this would be early NM cable? Now if only the Citizens four point was not so vague…

Looks like a ground is on the same bus as the neutrals

edit sorry didn’t see the main disconnect @ the bottom

This panel, had a panel outside for the PV system as well.

Square D panels always have those two bus bars connected. A sub panel would need a separate ground bus added (bonding screw removed).


Appliance circuit.
Cloth wiring isn’t modern insulated NM. It doesn’t contain heat properly. Today’s homes use much more power than when cloth wiring was in common use. Call it out for further evaluation and modifications by a licensed electrical contractor.
Just my 2 cents.

Since I don’t see an insulated neutral my guess is that it is actually SE cable. As Jim stated it’s rubber insulation over tinned copper. The braid on the outside is to protect the rubber. From what is visible in the photo the conductors look like they’re new.


As others have said. The cloth is a protective layer for the rubber below. What’s important is the condition of the rubber below, it’s probably fine. You can’t measure this wire’s true diameter from the insulated portion – but you can from the conductor itself.

I don’t see any particular reportable condition based on your photo.
If it’s the right wire for 50A, should be good. What does it run to?


I got $50 on the kitchen range.


I’ve actually never seen cloth-jacketed cable in such great condition. Someone took their time to trim it nicely. About the only thing I would change would be to strip the cloth back just a bit more from the breaker.


I raise to $60, on the range, Bert. :rofl:


According to the panels legend, it is for the kitchen range.


Then, I’ll go with $70 that it’s the range.:laughing:

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