Cloth Wiring Question

Ok guys I’m looking for some feedback on this.

While performing a four point inspection cloth wiring is observed for large appliances such as the A/C, Range, or even the panel feed. Its noted in the report. Homeowner highers an electrician to come out and he wraps the cloth wiring in electrical tape.

I think I know the answer but I want to ask some of you vets. Is this an acceptable form of mitigation?

I’ve been to three different jobs this month for re-inspection of the “corrective” issues only to find these wires wrapped in electrical tape but still present in the box.

What is a proper form of mitigation? Is it a total re-wire of those conductors? All other wiring is NM shielded copper in these cases. Only the large appliances tend to be cloth. Why are these not replaced when the home is re-wired?

Any feedback is appreciated. Pic for reference of the most recent.

Wrapped Cloth Wiring.jpg

I don’t consider it a valid repair of cloth wiring. It’s still there, isn’t it, and it still goes into the report. Let the carrier decide what to do with it. These cloth cables are very common for range circuits, even into the early 70’s.

The “cloth” is only a sheathing for protection of the rubber insulated conductors. Wrapping the undamaged sheathing in vinyl electrical tape prolongs the protection of the sheathing. It is really not very different than newer NM (non-metallic) sheathing such as Romex brand (vinyl sheathing over thermoplastic insulated conductors). The key here is the original sheathing must be undamaged. JMHO.

Just had one last week built in 1957.
If they tape it no way I’ll say it’s OK.
Good luck with insurance.
Burn baby burn!



The wrapping with tape of the conductors inside the panel may work for just that few inches of the wiring. What about the other 20 or 30 feet ran thru the attic or inside the walls that is not taped. The rubber insulation dries out and may split open at any stress point beyond the panel. This is why the insurance companies want it replaced.

If the property was built prior to 1970, there is a good chance of having cloth
wiring. If the house you are purchasing has cloth wiring, it is vital that it be
addressed with your insurance provider prior to purchasing the property.
Having cloth covered wiring that is still in use may make obtaining insurance
One of the major reasons cloth covered wiring isn’t safe is due to the fact the
cloth becomes brittle over time and falls off the wiring. This leaves the wiring
exposed. Bare wires that come into contact with each other can spark, resulting in
a house fire.

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