CM1500 Insulation Blowing Machine

This machine was purchased in 2011 and used twice.This is the single blower model. It is in great condition and comes with all components listed. Hose is 3" and 100’ in two 50’ sections. Item will be shipped freight or you can pick up locally in Virginia. * I will deliver the machine within 600 miles of my location for $450*


This machine is perfect for the small insulation contracting professional who needs the flexibility of portability and low power requirements, yet the higher production of large machines. Innovative ‘scalping augers’ are designed to break apart the compressed bales into smaller chunks which are shredded consistently and evenly for optimal coverage before they enter the airlock. This machine does not use long paddles that are prone to wear and bending. The augers are located deep within the machine, fully out of arm’s reach, to provide a safe working environment.

For those looking for more power, this unit can be outfitted with a double blower system as well as many other optional features. (See spec. sheet)

Production Rates, based on pounds per hour

Product Lbs./hour
Cellulose 2200 (990 kg.)
Fiberglass 900 (405 kg.)
Rockwool 1400 (630 kg.)


The buyer was not an inspector but came to the page through a web search. The MB is powerful!