CMI and the NACHI Board

Here’s a question…

If CMI is not tied to NACHI, as has been stated over and over, then why can’t non-members talk about the CMI business and issues in the General Section of the Board?

You want people’s money for the Logo, but you don’t want to hear what they have to say unless they belong to NACHI.

From the CMI web site concerning who can join:

"The Master Inspector Certification Board, Inc. is not a trade association and the Certified Master Inspector[FONT=Times New Roman]® [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Verdana, Sans Serif]is not a membership level. Certified Master Inspector[FONT=Times New Roman]®[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Verdana, Sans Serif] is a professional designation available to all qualifying inspectors who wish to Board Certified™.
[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Verdana, Sans Serif]You need not be a member of any professional association. The Certified Master Inspector[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Verdana, Sans Serif][FONT=Times New Roman]®[/FONT] professional designation is open to all qualifying inspectors including those in the U.S. and Canada. "[/FONT]
Perhaps you should open up all CMI discussions to everyone.


Maybe I have to buy the $450 CD from the Ethics Director at HIT Interactive in order to have a say.

(That’s real ethical…Why would an Organization allow a vendor to be a Board Member or Director? )

Obviously you have been using and enjoying our BB for two years.
I guess you have noticed there is no other BB like this one,it is open to all and we sure appreciate you have the abillity to come and visit and learn .
I guess you have your own reasons for not hellping to support this bb.
Do you really feel it is fair to expect the other associations to know every thing that goes on here.
Some information should not be open to the public my feeling.
We have no idea who you are or where you live even if you are a home inspector.
Do you feel it is proper to come into our house and advertise another .
Why would you be concerned to whom our Board members are.
Strange you have many questions that I wonder why you would even be asking them …
Do you think it would be proper for me to come into your home and tell you how to run it , I do not .
Roy Cooke sr

Its more common then you think! We have had presidents of Franchise companies on our BOD and we have vendors on Committees in OAHI and CAHPI. I don’t think its ethical either, but lets face it there not in the positions solely for the members sake.

Mr. Cooke,

No need to get defensive of NACHI. I see no attempt on your part to answer an honest question.

I notice after my post, one of your members just asked the same thing:

Mr. Sabados pointed out the same issue.

Mr Cooke, read my question again. And understand that as a non-NACHI member, I can view postings in the General Section, but I can’t respond to those posts. So if NACHI wants to control “all that is” about CMI, then don’t you think the CMI members should be part of that dialog? I don’t want access to your inner workings, or private areas at all.

Also, Mr. Cooke, I asked about CMI’s Board members, not NACHI’s. Perhaps you can review the question again, and try to understand that CMI Directors are listed in the open on the CMI web page. I didn’t ask about, nor did I comment on, NACHI Directors, it’s Board Members, or anything you implied. Unless the Board is the for NACHI and CMI, and I wouldn’t know that anyway.

If you think asking 2 questions is “strange”, I will understand. Your response seems one of anger. Mr Cooke, again I will ask you to review my question and show me where I was trying to “come into your home and tell you how to run it…” Run your home any way you want, but once you make CMI part of your home, then CMI members need to access that discussion. I have no interest in debating the inner workings of NACHI with anyone. I only addressed CMI, as this is the ONLY place CMI issues are posted.


I read some the cmi crap, and I decided I don’t give a rats a s s. My advice would be quit caring about the marketing gimmick cmi. It means very little in the big picture of your business.


BTW nachi blows!

Sorry if you think I am angry not at all .
You ask questions and I wonder why .
As I said you have been comming here for a couple of years and that is fine .
But I also said I have no idea who you are or where you live or what your motives are .
Why should we offer you help when you have not been giving any .
Life is a two way street it is nice to get a lttle in return for services rendered.
NACHI is a great place and I will give my support to it and all its members and try to help those who need help .
I just feel some return would be nice even a thanks for information you have getting from us over the years.
I do not get angry and try to not hold a grudge .
If you have been reading you will see I have offered much information when I feel it is good.
Roy Cooke sr

"But I also said I have no idea who you are or where you live or what your motives are "

"You ask questions and I wonder why "

Mr Cooke,

I have explained why I asked the questions. I have explained it twice. I have explained my motives. If you don’t want to answer, or if you don’t know the answer, then fine, no harm it that. But deflecting the question by asking where I am from or how many years I have read your replys isn’t really any help. The CMI discussion ( or inability to have one) is the only relevant issue here.

Thanks for your time.



As you stated, CMI is not tied to NACHI. Anyone who meets the CMI qualifications can become one.
We discuss CMI and many other topics as **members **of NACHI just as other associations are free to discuss what ever they like on their boards. Unlike other associations, the NACHI board is, for the most part, a public board.
Membership does has it’s privileges.

Actually - you titled the thread “CMI and the NACHI Board” I think you did (prehaps unintentioinally) bring the NACHI Board into the discussion.

As to your question about posting CMI items in the general area of the Board - I believe that since the CMI designation was decided to be opened to all, all pertinent discussions (save private conversations between members) have been posted on the publicly available section of the BB.

A suggetion was made in the publicly available CMI thread to take certain specific discussions of licensing and some inspectors’ possible violation of state licensing laws to the Members Only section.

It does, however, relate to CMI and many have made the case to keep it in the General Section.

I think you will find that little is concealed on the NACHI BB. Some of the best and most useful items are discussions between members on the Members Only section, and are - I believe - worth the membership fee in and of themselves.

I hope this addressed your question, and I can assure you (as will others here) that I am no NACHI flag waver nor am I blind cheerleader for the org - my comments are my honest assesment of the association.

Hey, Chuck! Hope all is well with you… good to hear from you.

Mr. Richards,

I agree with what you stated, except that CMI is inexorably tied to NACHI.
Look at the names of these CMI Directors and Advisors:

It would seem to be more a NACHI controlled/intertwined entity than, say, ASHI’s, or CREIA’s, or OAHI’s, as everyone listed on the CMI site is a NACHI Director or Person of Influence.


Mr. Michalski,

Thank you for your helpful and direct response.


No problem. But you can call me Joe.

I understand the point you are trying to make. However, this program had to be started by somebody. I would imagine that in time others will come forward to fill positions on the CMI board. Time will tell.
and please, call me Roy.


Good point, thanks.

OAHI is intertwined with CAHPI and vice versa, it is also affiliated with ASHI indirectly because ASHI historically in Canada was the first Association. I had to become a member of ASHI back in 1991 in order to get into OAHI.

So even if Nachi is tied to CMI what is the problem? CMI had to start somewhere and if its birth is derivied from Nachi what is the problem. The problem only seems to be the way it is set up and that it pretty much mirrors CHI.

Hey Joe!

All is good. Never better. Is the MAB dead or does the MAB still have a small pulse?

Hope your doing well, I saw where you were able to debate Nick, not an easy task and I must say you did very well. To the outsiders you made Nick look like a jack a s s.

Hey Chucky

You would know abut being an outsider wouldn’t you? :wink:

why do people who are not members of NACHI, complain about
everything or anything that we do as an organization?

Real Jealous
Roy Cooke Sr