CMI and who enforces it?

People put on their website that they are CMI’s and I cannot find their approval anywhere. Do we turn them in? Call the CMI police? Call nana boo boo stick your head in Doo Doo…?

Or do we jsut let it go and the $1,000 you spent was a total waste of money?

I think you give Nick or fast reply the sites name.
All the best.
I am awaiting my approval.

What’s this world coming to?

CMI’s for everyone! :wink:

I thought that that was the path to free membership.

When we’re alerted to trademark infringement, Mark tries to handle it quietly… and 99% of the time the infringement stops.

Who is Mark? As in Mark Cohen?

Yes, Mark Cohen. John contacts them first and that usually does it.

This guy has been getting away with it for a while now.

James there a people left and right doing it. Know what happens when they get caught? Nick invites them to become a member. Same old song and dance. People who come in here often are doing it.

So then why not lie about it until you get caught? What is the punishment? An invitation?

Most copyright infringement by inspectors is over our inspection articles and most of that use-without-permission is probably unintentional.

We want our articles to be published and read by consumers. The inspector wants to publish them and have them read by consumers. So why not just let the inspector join InterNACHI? Win-win-win.

Read the title of the thread an get back to me

Read post #6. Asked and answered.

I agree with the leeway Nick G has given towards the misuse of the accreditation or designation Russell.
Let me explain.
InterNACHI is due diligent to its members.
They remind users of the accreditation or designation that it a copywriter first and foremost. That one must pay and meet certain criteria for the use of the CMI and its marketing use…
That being said.
Instead of punishing individuals for the misunderstanding or even further tuning to litigation to solve the infraction, positive social and most impotently “business courtesy’s” are meet.
The invitation to join INACHI is a must.
That is a simple and posative marketing strategy bar none Russell.
Once within the fold or fellowship they can inquire about said use of the destination.
I assume they are explained “in full”, too hold the rights to the CMI there are prerequisites to be meet; and yes one is a free.
Thus allowing others to join INACHI’s growing ranks and the designation can be marketed as siad along with membership ranks without intimidated.

That is my interpretation on how INACHI and Nick handles any misunderstandings.

Post #11 has nothing to do with the question.

The question is why not just lie about CMI, because when you get caught there is no punishment and you then invite them to become CMI. So why not lie until your caught?

Because we do not need a member lying about his credentials. That is not the caliber of inspector NACHI needs to be attracting. Let them join another association.

I have the same issue here where a person says he is IAC2 but is not listed as one. Is it possible to have someone work for you and call your company IAC2 certified or does it not apply strictly to the individual?

In my opinion IAC2 Certified is a bigger scam than CMI. All anyone needs to do to become IAC2 Certified is pass the test at the end of only 1 of the 8 hour classes, which can be taken in less than 5; been there, done that.

You should at least be required to take all 4 that are listed attheir site.

Thus not all IAC2’s are equal and it just becomes another logo to put on your website. If you are not even at the ground level it should not even be on your website which is even worse.

I agree.