CMI Designation (Who Owns It ?)

I recently was notified by my company that I achieved a CMI designation. I assume the company paid for it and I was notified after the fact without any input from myself (inspector). Is it possible to have my inspector name displayed on the CMI website without the company I work for being displayed underneath my name? Does a CMI stay with the inspector indefinitely regardless of who pays for it? I reached out to Chloe who is the contact via email and her reply was trying to get me to contact the company I work for for answers that she should be answering herself. Want to be clear on this one way or another. Is the designation mine or is it whoever paid for it? Is the CMI mine or co-owned?

For the fastest response, please email us. The MICB’s executive director, Nick Gromicko, reviews all emails personally.

Email: Nick Gromicko at

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Welcome back to our forum, Richard!..Enjoy! :smile:

I don’t believe company can be a CMI, only an individual…talk to them like Chloe recommended.

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Have you tried the phone number?

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It says here that you are the CMI, not the company: Richard Maresca - Certified Master Inspector®
If you want to change the company name you can go into your profile and change it there.

If I am correct, Richard works for ‘The Elite Group’, and knowing what I do about their history with Nick and Nachi, he better read his contract very closely as he probably has few rights to what he can do about this.

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Do you know if a CMI requires any periodic payments or education in order to retain it?

There is not supposed to be.

You may wish to peruse the CMI Section of threads to better educate yourself about the ways of CMI…

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Seems that there is more here than I know about. I think the best advise is to read the contract…

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Get a log in. Use your email or his email as user. I use the same password as when logging into InterNACHI. You can change the name of company in your profile.

Hi Richard,

I received your email yesterday at 4:45 pm MST. Our regular business hours are 9-5pm MST. I’m not sure if you saw my response this morning, but I replied at 9:45am. You will see responses to all of the questions you addressed to me there. It seems like you’re very unhappy with the service you’ve received, and I’m not exactly sure why, but if you would like to discuss in more detail I encourage you to send a reply directly to my email address. Thanks.

very unhappy? :joy:

btw, someone removed my CMI designation this evening. Something about an application not being signed?

Did you sign your application Richard? There’s an affidavit on there that requires a signature. I’m sure other CMI’s can chime in here and explain that to you since you don’t seem to like any of my answers to your questions. If you could sign the application and resubmit it, I’d be happy to review it and get this all fixed up for you. It’s a standard requirement. I hope you understand.

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Hi !
I will read the application when I have a moment. I’m replying to your email. How did I get a CMI without signing if my signature is required?

Human error! It happens. I sincerely apologize for any confusion this has caused. It’s a simple fix, and I’ll take care of it for you as soon as you sign it for me. Thanks!

Probably spam. They like to sound important.

And, thank you Chloe for the help given him.

To answer your thread topic: CMI Designation (Who Owns It).
The [Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)](;jsessionid=0000QhXCWBi0nS_jx2wDHgzAsKr:1247nfca5?language=eng&fileNumber=1274564&extension=0&startingDocumentIndexOnPage=1), an Agency of Industry, Canada, has awarded a trademark for Certified Master Inspector ®. The mark is listed under the CIPO index: Residential, commercial and environmental inspection services.

The approval process took two-and-a-half years and was facilitated by Certified Master Inspector® Roy Cooke of Ontario. The Master Inspector Certification Board thanks Roy Cooke, CMI®, for his efforts.

Certified Master Inspector® is also a Registered U.S. Federal Certification Mark on the Principal Register.
CMI® is also a Registered U.S. Federal Certification Mark on the Principal Register.

Throughout the world, Certified Master Inspector® is the inspection industry’s top professional designation.

Roy Cooke Senior completed the process.

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