OMG Gromicko.......

OK Dude…what does a guy have to do in order to get his title under his named changed from “Certified Professional Inspector” to “Certified Master Inspector”. Since I was one of the founding CMI’s…did you REVOKE it…:mrgreen:

Nah…I prefer “Certified Electrical Expert” under mine…lolololol

It’s a long and painful process, but it can be done.

I know and it is easy , but I ain’t gonna tell you .:D:cool:

That didn’t work on mine. Any other suggestions?

That doesn’t work. The second line of the profile is not end user editable.

OK. I’ll summon Tim to reply.

Chuck, how were able to get the ® symbol to show?

Paul - I fixed it for you. To get it to show up, all you need to do is add “CMI” to your suffix, then sign out and back in on the message board, like it says in Nick’s link. It doesn’t automatically work when you become a CMI, since CMI and InterNACHI maintain separate databases.


Can you fix mine as well?


Eric, just put CMI in your suffix, then log out of this message board, then log back in.

Looks like Paul got it.

I already did that. See the CMI after my name? :sunglasses:

Same for me.


It looks like there is a problem with certain profiles updating the title. I’m going to dig into the code on Monday morning to make sure it’s working for everyone! I’ll give you an update when it’s fixed.


Thank you Tim!

Alright, it should be fixed now, but email me at if you see any more problems!

Thanks Tim.

Thanks Mr. G and Tim…Glad I can begin to help promote the CMI name…even if I am retired…lol…There Was A Time…