CMI Exposure and Growth

One of the quickest ways for CMI to gain exposure, additional credibility, value and respect will be for its membership to include inspectors from many different home inspection organizations, including, but not limited to ASHI, NAHI, CREIA, etc…

Once CMI can operate and communicate directly from its own website and BB it will be able to reach out to inspectors from the other assocations. In the mean time, I gather from this BB that other HI associations can’t stand NACHI and certainly will see CMI as a possible affiliate of same.

There are some who have come into CMI from other associations already.
Many ASHI and NAHI members have a dual membership with NACHI.
But, some feel threatened by NACHI.

Good point.

John Can you have Nick or Chris update the CMI site to include the forum site link so that the CMIs from other associations can find it.

Like any new web project, the forum needs to go through a beta testing
period. This will allow for any unseen bugs to be worked out and to
get some feed back from members. Thanks for all your hard work.

Tell us again John, just what is the relationship between NACHI and CMI? Why would an Inspector who joined CMI from another association feel threatened by NACHI. You and others have assured us that NACHI and CMI are separate and that CMI is not really a new NACHI Tier, but that seems to be pretty much B.S. seeing as CMI now has a Forum on the NACHI message board and your, and others contstant implications that the two are joined.

As long as you let new members join CMI while it still has no credible qualifications you orgnaization and those who hold the CMI designation will have no credibility, ecept with each other. Why notcurtail all new mebership until such time as you can come up with qualifications that other professional organization might recognize, and then at that time require all new and previous members to meet those qualifications? How about, as mentioned on another message baord, submitting your list of CMI qualifications to an organization such as NOCA or ANSI, which have certified other professions.

I plan on giving CMI as much exposure as I can, everywhere I can.

Have a nice day. :mrgreen:

This is the first time I have ever heard of NOCA, this might be something to look into, their list is vast and I for one am very pleased to find that ICC is a member.

Having an outside organization look over what CMI is attempting to accomplish might provide some helpful ideas on how to fortify the designation and gain respected recognition without any political pressure.

For instance, back in the corporate world I worked for a Fortune 500 company that was going through ISO 9000 Certification and for two years as part of my duties I was the District Quality Manager. What I discovered was that much of the certification process came down to simply documenting whatever process was being certified and putting reasonable metrics in place to insure the product was consistent and a process existed to correct the problem when mistakes arose. I see no reason that we would be unable to do something similar, agencies like this are consistently seeking ways to expand their lists and help other worthwhile associations join.

I have a problem with the idea of why CMI’s must be accepted by other org’s

What other org’s are worth being accepted by??


Here in California, CREIA is the top dog. It will lend additional credibility to CMI by having it extend across party lines so to speak…

You are right. Other associations are welcome, but CMI is not dependant on them.