CMI Header color variations

Show me where this **belittling **statement answers a question!
Your comment towards Levi and his work is uncalled for, and he deserves a sincere apology from you, not just your usual condesending BS.

You need no help with that!

One point on this mater is we as CMI stand for more than just Home Inspection. The Skyline should be filled with things that CMI’s do. We would not have the room on a header to put all we do for the Home Inspection industry and that is what our header should have.

Example: In the background a tall building with Infrared shot along one side. Home with the inspector on the edge looking done a gutter. Indoor Air quality Equipment, I-pad report software. Oversee It website tag. Proper Hard hat, work boots and work clothes.
I have no Idea how you would tie this all together but that is the reason it can’t be as simple as the Header he has made so far.

It does not look like we will be easy to please.:wink:
Myself, I think we need a logo that has more of a photo image then a drawn one.

That is the way it should be too James as we have all earned it.