More CMI logos: gifs, jpgs, pngs.

Im going back into the hospital in the morning. But when i get back out ill set up an area on the CMI site for the logo files also

Thanks. If you ever need anything like a ride home or anything, I’m right up the road a ways.

Looks nice…

Thanks for the offer but the wife came and got me. Give me a couple days for setting up those files. Im just a little under the weather. Turns out the work they did last time fell apart so they had to re due it.

Hi! Hank;
Sorry to hear you had to redo it all over again. Get well soon.
Regards Len:D

My printng guys are asking for a CMI logo file in “Vector” format (to silk screen on to a binder). Anybody know what that is? Or better yet do you have the file?

Thanks in advance.

Google…try it.

Here’s an Adobe Illustrator version of the logo:

I’ve done over a thousand home inspections in my head now. lol :wink: Can I apply for this nice looking logo? lol


Yeah, but did you do em right and have you written the reports?

Yea I did them right. As for written reports I’m only in the hundreds right now. I guess I’ll have to wait my turn ;). lol You can’t blame me for trying. :mrgreen:

Send them your check Bill and see if they cash it. :smiley: :smiley:

They may make an exception giving you credit for time served with good behavior, never know until you try :wink: