Certified Master Inspector page header added to Inspector Graphics Library.

Certified Master Inspector page header

Wow a logo and a header! Now we are talkin!

Still in the muted 1950"s throwback colors I see.

How about designing something for actual NACHI members that pay dues to not be harassed by other associations on their own message board.?
Are you designing for NAHI next? lol

Everything is like that Bob. I thought a logo was to make you stand out. All the ones u see look the same defeating the entire purpose of a logo

Some CMIs wanted it for the CMI page of their inspection business websites. I kind of like the dreamy renditions rather than actual PICs. PICs are so powerful with so much detail that they drown the text and sometimes the message you are trying to convey in certain situations.

Lots more in www.nachi.org/gallery/ You can download a hi-res version of each image through the link under each image.

I live my life in color and stand out baby…they can have the old clip art sketches all they want.:slight_smile:

Yea, really…is that Ozzie from Ozzie and Harriett?:mrgreen:

As a CMI, I do not like it. But that is just my taste.

I agree does nothing for me , I have no idea what we need but I do not think this is the answer …

I know what it needs a total revamption of the program…but since that is not an option I can sit an complain as I have done, and nothing happens to take matters into my own hands to make something people want. Which is what I have done.

So, the header is there and I guess it is suppose to make an impact on something. What? I have no idea…

Maybe for another $200 we can get a footer on the page too…

Describe the graphics or marketing you’d like to see and I’ll get it done.

Hello Nick I would agree that we need a better example of a house for the header. The CMI Logo should be Solid Gold and the logo also should be on the front pocket like post #10. The picture and shirt should be in bright color that matches the new intended web site design.

Nick I described the marketing about a year ago and your illustrious CMI president did nothing. You brag about having $100K in the bank and do nothing for the members.

Nick, In about 5 days…I have 11 members (which I know is going to get blasted), others in the wings to get voted on. But in those days the small message board of 11 people has contributed to more ideas that the CMI threads you have here COMBINED and all done with $0 in the bank and 11 like minded people and an entrance fee of $0.

How can that be? You have the answer because you have all the control…

Russell, I’m totally lost by that post. No idea what you are talking about. You’ll have to describe in more detail what you are looking for. What 11 members? What is the URL of the thread you are talking about?

Kevin writes:

Kevin, I’m going to have Levi call you this week if that’s OK.

No problem!

Debate in private. As much as I respect you russell this is not the place. If you have a new organizationand it is doing well, I congradulate you. But this forum is not the place to boast it. I would love to hear more about it if you want to send a PM.


Thanks Nick for listening.

OK. I’ll see what Levi can come up with and post it here next week.

Well said… I agree.

I think ideas that can benefit our industry that are shared by inspectors/members can and have been of great benefit for many of us. Me included, thank you very much!

Maybe part of the point that is being made about someone’s progress in short time bears some weight/relvance, but it may be in part by the boasting/bragging that goes on here, which likely acts as a deterrent for others to not weigh in on what they have to offer… for fear of the obvious.

I wish I was as good at pin-pointing more specifics that have helped me to stay busier than many of my local brethren are, but I’m not.

Having said that, the bragging and “my product is best” and now “my org is best” that goes on here may have it’s place… but geez leweez, it seems that with every thread here, there is some amount of detraction that is taking place… and it’s a disservice to many of whom never even post here, but rely on topics that they view for business and education purposes, or to just keep a pulse on the inspection industry. Our industry, is in fact a pretty specific niche… it’s certainly not everywhere.

So maybe all of this stuff recently is well meaning, but I’d ask to stop if at all possible. For the many of whom just read the topics and the many helpful answers that we are fortunate to have members still contributing to… I’d like to see that continue. I mean, type in some building/inspection topic you can think of, Nachi is gonna show up in a good majority of instances nowadays.

More importantly, be well!