"CMI is the inspection industry's top professional designation" - Biz X Magazine.

Pages 18 through 23: http://www.bizxmagazine.com/issues/February-2014/#p=18

Yo Nick

Lets play a did ya know game.

Did you know that $2.00 and the CMI designation will get a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Do you know who the top producers of income are in this org. Flash Flash News Break its not a CMI

You’re wrong. The 35 inspectors who work at the top-producing inspection company in the country are almost all CMIs. See: http://www.nachi.org/elite-group-certified-master-inspectors.htm Furthermore, their owner has publicly credited CMI for his company’s growing profit margins.

Check out their website: http://www.eliteinspections.com Notice anything? LOL

The CMI professional designation is the highest R.O.I. a home inspector can make by far. Nothing else even comes close.

Don’t forget Charley, you’ve admitted that you’re only successful because you live in a freak town in Oklahoma where, as you explained: “No one else even has an IR camera.” Don’t get confused by your own local circumstances. You’d last 2 minutes in our real world where every competitive advantage counts and adds up. See how successful you’d be here… you’d get eaten for lunch and spit out by our CMIs in Colorado on day one.

I can list many contrasts, but just compare websites: freedomexpressinspections.com vs. http://www.eliteinspections.com

You’re like a winning high school football team in North Central Oklahoma. Congrats. But CMI is the NFL of the inspection industry.

LMAO now that is funny! Thanks Nick for making my day once again.:mrgreen:

I ask again do you believe every thing you read and beside you are comparing apples to oranges 35 inspectors compared to a one man show. I would go one on one with anyone of those 35 or any CMI you have in Co, But this post was not about me I am not the top producer by any means for a one man band. Lets compare the Pope , the Duffy, Tenn Andersen, Bill Warner or a slew of non-CMI’s against any single CMI you want to list. Get ur done big boy bring it on

Kevin would you stop sucking up its unbecoming a professional;-):shock:

You’re comparing apples to oranges. You can’t really compare a one-man operation, even an outrageously successful one-man operation to the multi-million dollar, multi inspector CMI firms.

When you have 35 inspectors working for you, or even as few as 8 inspectors working for you… very little of your day is spent thinking about home inspections (been there). It’s spent thinking about two things mostly: Marketing and efficiency (the former increases your top line and the latter increases your bottom line). At that level, no one talks about what they think will work or not (like you do). That’s guessing (especially when you haven’t even tried it). Instead, they actually quantify every marketing effort down to the penny. They A/B Test their homepage with and without references to CMI. And that’s why they like CMI… it works, and they know it.

OK I will take your advice and stop sucking up to Nick as long as you stop the one man show and realize what Nick is saying. You might be able to wow everyone there but come and try here is the big test you have not done yet.

I’ve spent huge chunks of my life running A/B Tests for the inspection industry, frantically searching for that elusive magical phrase that causes consumers to choose one inspector over another. I finally found it… and the phrase is three words long.

Nick there is no magic its all in the individual person they are successful or they are not. Its you that is trying to compare multiple inspector companies to a one man band not me. I say compare one on one forget the multiple You take any one Just one CMI your top single CMI and compare to one of the ones I mentioned. Check their bank accounts.

You have a CMI from Canada following so close behind you that if you made a 90 degree turn his nose would break off. You have a CMI in Fla that you gifted the designated that will never be successful. You have two CMI’s in KC begging for work what has it done for them. One of the KC CMI’s you suggested he move that is really a nice marketing approach.

The bottom line in this profession is know what you are doing, do it better than your competitor , ensure the whole world knows it. It does not matter if one is a CMI or not they will be successful.

Kevin I do know what Nick is doing he is selling CMI,s and doing a good job of it I might add. Let me clue you in about IR it also works where ever you might be located just need to know how to market its just like any thing else one is selling:shock::wink:

I would tell you just like I tell Farnsworth Coffee your place or mine:shock:

First off, pointing to a successful inspector who isn’t a CMI doesn’t mean that CMI won’t help you be successful.

That argument is as dumb as pointing to a successful inspector who doesn’t have a website and claiming that therefore a website won’t help you be successful. That’s just dumb. Or pointing to a successful inspector who doesn’t use an IR camera and claiming that therefore an IR camera won’t help you be successful. That’s just as dumb.

But for a moment, let’s pretend we are dumb, really dumb… and go with your logic: You pointed to Jeff Pope as a successful “non-CMI” as some kind of proof that CMI doesn’t help. It’s a really dumb argument as I’ve show above, but let’s go with it for a moment.

Oh… wait… we can’t. Jeff Pope is a CMI.

I suspect you won’t be making any more arguments regarding this issue Charley? LOL!!!

Anyway, back to the really big, multi-million dollar, multi-inspector CMI firms. The reason they like CMI is not because they think it might work. Companies of that scale quantify every marketing dollar down to the penny and know for a fact what works and what doesn’t. CMI works and they know it. Even if you found 500 inspectors who qualify for CMI but never applied for their CMI… you can’t change that fact. CMI works. It works better than anything anyone in the history of the inspection industry has ever come up with. Nothing can stop it. It’s that good.

Unfortunately consumers don’t research our industry to death and often make their choice of inspector within 5 seconds of visiting the inspector’s website or opening the inspector’s brochure. That’s all the time you get to convert that consumer into a client… 5 seconds. Count to 5:





Not a lot of time. Huh?

The words “Certified Master Inspector” say it all, say it quickly, and convert consumers into clients in about 2 seconds … with 3 seconds to spare.

Go with the flow Charley or you will get stopped up in sewer pipe.

Sorry my Bad I did not know the POPE was a CMI he does not advertise it he would be successful selling pencils on the holly wood strip with a tin cup

I enjoy a good argument especially when I am right:p:twisted: But I don’t suck up and I will admit when I am wrong you just have not proven me wrong???

IR Does not work here yet Charley. I would tell you why but then I might tick off a few on the MB.

When did you ever worry about ticking someone off you do that on a daily biases.

If its not working in your area its not being presented correctly I say the same as I said to Farnsworth when he said it did not work in his area. I say it can work anywhere KC or SOO ST Marie;-) both sides of the River

Everything works everywhere…you just haven’t found the way to make it work. Nothing WORKS by itself…People make it WORK…

And here I thought I was the only one that sees the light I was starting to feel lonesome;-) NOT

Charley you need to do research before you speak. SSM is not anything like Oklahoma. I have Doctors, lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Bankers, Nurses and Contractors on my list of Clients. Not one of them ever asked for IR.
Now when a license goes through then I might market IR.

Charley I thought of you and Gary today…

You because you would appreciate

Gary because he has never seen this type of view before…I mean CMI Gary

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