Turn every call into a scheduled inspection job with CMI. New testimonial:

Posted with permission:

Great, I am not a CMI, so am In toast?

Sounds good, only I rarely get asked “What are your qualifications?”

Instead, “How much do you charge?”

True it works great.

Always let them know I am a crafty man who inspects and it converts like crazy.

A: I charge about $100 more than my local competitors. Let me explain why you should pay that extra $100 and hire me…

I’ve d folks tell me they chose me because I’m a CMI. The logo gets the phone to ring when they pass other home inspector web sites by. This is the best marketing $ I’ve spent to date.

There are those who seek quality over the lowest price. CMI seals the deal with them.

In my area people don’t seem to care much about the CMI designation. The buy back and thermal is what attracts them the most.

here folks are really negatively charged with regard to buy back. Seems too gimmicky, maybe too good to be true etc… loads of bad response to it, on the other hand the CMI is like gold.

Worth repeating…

I’ve been getting sales from woman, I keep my top 2 shirt buttons undone and talk like James Dean. That and my snakeskin boots seems to clich the deals for me.

Not so good with the men except for 2 guys from Greenwich Village dressed as Sigfreid and Roy.

I am 4 years away from being a CMI, I don’t even think about it. I am a CR/ CKBR/ CAPS and CPE whicch no one except me and the instructors know what they mean