CMI MB update

The CMI chat area now has voice chat. The CMI education classes can now have voice rather then just typing. Everyone is encouraged to try it out before the next class.

Very nice, that will help alot.

Thanks for your continued efforts.


Thanks for making the voice chat available to us!!

We used the voice chat for our most recent online electrical class. It is GREAT! The class went much more smoothly than the text chat classes we have been doing. I’ll never be able to go back to typing.

Not only did the class go very smoothly, we were able to cover more topics and in greater detail. I had lots of positive comments from everyone who participated.

Absolutely…it was a pleasure to enjoy that class with the voice chat.

Thank you Hank and George. :smiley:

Your Welcome
There are also other rooms in the chat area where you can have private voice chats also. They are open to everyone all you have to do is register on the MB to access them.