CMI Forum update

New added features to the CMI forum. Check them out.

I scanned the board and don’t see them.

Please point them out.

Look in your control panel and at the top of the MB. I never tell. Inspectors should catch every thing.

Very nice Henry,

I’m not going to tell either, a real certified master inspector should have no trouble finding whats been added.

BTW, What has been added:)

I dont know i only work here


I’m sorry to see that you had to discontinue Voice Chat. It was a great feature.

Hi George
No one was using the feature so it was just throwing away money. Since Jan 1 only 16 inspectors have even came to the site and 2 have posted anything. If people dont want to use it there is no reason for me to put it up there.


John, would you post a link to the CMI forum. My link no longer works. Thanks.


It’s right HERE.

Thanks David.