CMI Meeting rescheduled for Feb 6

John McKenna asked me to teach the next CMI class. I had a schedule conflict for hte evening of Feb 5 so we are going to do the class one day later, Wednesday Feb 6 instead.

We have found that the voice chat feature really helps make things go more smoothly so we will make this a voice-response session. You will type your comments and questions in the text box I will then repeat the question audibly and respond to it.


We have had a few people who were not able to get the sound working correctly. One of the participlnts in our last class figured out that pop-up blockers cuase the sound not to work. Be sure to turn off pop-up blockers during the chat session.

Try to log in a little early if you have not used the voice feature so you can get it working before the session starts. I’ll try ot log in half an hour early to help anyone who needs help or just wants to test the sound.