CO tester

I need to buy a CO / gas detector any recommendations on what to buy? What’s the best bang for the buck? I’ve looked in a catalog from Professional Equipment and there are alot of choices and differance in cost. How low does the sensitivity have to go on the testers?
Mark Thiltgen

Is it wise to do CO2 testing ? How does one get trained for that. I would think there is a whole lot of liability there.

I have one of these, and have been very happy with its performance.
I use it in conjunction with my HVAC testing, and it does the trick.

Hi Ron, I’m not sure I want to do it either, it seems the more you test for and then if you miss something your liable for it. I’ve had people asking for it and thought I would check it out though. thanks, Mark T

Thanks Steve, I will check it out. Mark T

This one is in my equipment bag. Been using Bacharach detectors for years. I like this unit as it has a separate sampling probe, very useful. But as Steven noted…you can’t go wrong with Fluke.

Liability is limited in your inspection agreement. Make sure it states that the inspection is limited to the time and date of the inspection and by the limitations of your equipment, accessible locations, etc. As long as you actually have CO test equipment and perform a resonable test, then your liability should be covered. They paid for a test - you performed a test. The end.

I carry a co detector with me at all times. I do not advertise or report on co testing unless, the detector shows a reading (not very common but it happens) In the event that I show a reading, I report the findings. It has helped detect major problems and is a good way to get peoples attention to take action.

I use the UEi CO71A and it has been serving me well for 5 years. Annual calibration is a good practice.

Any new comments for best co detector?

I use this one also great minds think alike:mrgreen::wink:

Would you like to describe a “reasonable” test?

If you open your mouth during an inspection, you increase your liability. You don’t have to say anything profound! Just open your mouth…

If someone “Pays” you for this service and your wrong in your findings, you are even more liable that an Inspector that carries one of these for his safety, or makes un-paid checks. Just ask the judge.

Here is a liability question for you: Just how much CO is dangerous?

If you get this wrong, your liable…

There is training in CO2 testing but I am sure you mean CO.
CO2 Is carbon dioxide and is a measure used for Investigations of indoor air quality.
CO is a measure of dangerous Carbon Monoxide and training is provided by companies that sell the product design.
M40 is just one

I thought you could read the OP was years ago:p

When I was doing HI (now retired) I did not do CO “testing” however I did wear a CO alarm device on my person so that while I was working in that environment, if the alarm / PPE went off I noted it and recommended system(s) be tested by someone licensed in that discipline. There is more than one way to skin a cat, plus it protects you while you are working, especially since a lot of us work alone at these homes and businesses. The device I used is digital and you could set the level of detection. Incidentally, it only went off on alarm a couple of times in all the years I used it and in each case there WAS a CO problem.