Whats a good CO2 Detector

im looking for a good co2 detector, something to start out with not too crazy but very accurate, and can be set on the ducts… where i can find it would be great too thanks…

Here is a link for CO2 Equipment???

Why do you want a CO2 detector? CO2 is Carbon dioxide which is everywhere. Maybe you should be more worried about CO which is Carbon monoxide. I would seriously reconsider getting anywhere remotely involved in any kind of specialty service beyond the scope of practice for any home inspection association until you have had some education in that particular topic, clear it with your insurance company, and know exactly what you are talking about. You are going to be sitting in the defendents chair faster than you can say " I thought I knew what I was doing".

Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide measurements fall under the catagory of indoor air qaility. You should have a very thorough understanding of what acceptable limits are in a properly functioning building. If you are only looking for a carbon monoxide detector, then you are not testing for all the other harmful gases that can be present in a home. Once you start testing for one, and a client has a problem with some other gas that you didn’t look for, you open yourself up for a lawsuit. Stick with the Standards of Practice and don’t get involved in things you don’t have the education, insurance, or credentials.

Do yourself, your future clients, and every other home inspector that runs a good business a favor. Negative publicity from a botched home inspection brings down the whole industry and puts a black mark on that home inspector’s business and the associations they are members.

yea i did mean monixide, i was just thinking it would be something to have for furnace vents, but thats what ive been wondering if i should get into that or not. so for the most part shouldnt get involved with that world… thanks alot, your words have been a good source of wisdom for me for some time now, i hope some day i can return the favor

You speak volumes Adam. Good Post. Will you be joining Scott’s local NACHI Chapter soon??

thanks alot, i do plan on joining, once i finish up my schooling and do a few practice inspections and a few ride alongs, need to make sure im confortable before i hit the pavement (i know you know what i mean) but yea im hoping to get started by the end of march, join nachi in the next few weks, and come and speak with you guys at the meetings… my only thing is arnt they few and far between?


??? whats that???

Back in the old days, when Joe was your age, coal miners used parakeets to check their air quality while working underground. Today we use modern technology. I’m sure when you join NACHI your brothers at the local chapter will take you on ride alongs and show you their cool tools. Hang in there buddy. Philly is the City of Brotherly Love. But then again, so is San Fransisco.:shock:

Adam, Google coal miners+old+gas detectors.


Actually they used canaries…not parakeets. But it was still funny though…LOL!