Combustion analyzer vs CO meter

I am trying to decide for an equipment purchase. Does any one use or had sucess with utilizing analyzers at the return vents for CO testing. I would think it would work fine but figured I would ask.

Does anyone use either product and what sucess do you have.

I have a Bacharach Fyrite, great analyzer. I did a new construction warranty inspection the other day that had a ventless firelog set that the client was concerned about. I whipped it out and addressed their combustion appliance concerns. Jason at AC Tools will give you a great deal.:wink:

WOW is this overkill or what!!! Looks like a great machine

Only $1,023 and of course accuracy depends on conditions at time of the inspection though for that kind of money should be able to predict…

This is mine for combustion analysis. I like it. I have a cheaper Fluke for simply detecting CO in ambient air.

I considered buying the fluke just to test furnaces in the winter time for exchanger issues.

I have a CO meter now but wanted to get something better.

Does the fluke seem to be fairly accurate?