Code Alert - INDIANA 24 Jan 2008

For your information:

Code Alert - INDIANA 24…1/24/08 12:10 PMHey B I T C H! F U C Kyou, you sumbag chicken S H I T motherF U C K I N G, C O C K sucker, A S S wipe! Signed Luv Mom


This code alert must have hit a nerve. It’s about time that we had this box system updated to exclude the foul language and indicate who the sender is. Obviously this poor soul is having deep internal problems and even more concerning - he/she thinks lowly of his mother. Hopefully the iNACHI staff will identify this individual and recognize him/her for the loose cannon that they are and offer suggestions of professional help.

This type of member is a detriment and should be dealt with swiftly for their own safety and the safety of others.